Football betting - the biggest markets 

Football is the most popular sport in the world, so it's only natural that almost every country has at least a couple of football leagues on which bets can be placed on the outcome of matches. The analysts at focus on the biggest and best known football leagues. First of all, the English Premier League. This is the highest turnover football league in the world, with teams such as Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester United and Tottenham. There are usually 10 matches played each week, with a particularly wide range of betting on offer. An equally important football league is the Spanish La Liga, where Barcelona, Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid and other famous teams compete every year. Like the English Premier League, there are 20 different teams competing weekly. We also cover Italy's Serie A, Germany's Bundesliga, the UEFA Champions League, and occasionally we'll feature predictions from smaller football leagues too.

The 14 best football leagues

Types of football bets

The football betting offer is the widest of all sports. Not only can you bet on who will win the match, but you'll also often find unusual selections such as "Player to score in the first 10 minutes", "1st half goals scored" or "Team's total corners". The most popular types of football bets, excluding which team will win, are: 

1) total goals (over/under) - here we can choose how many goals the teams will score, e.g. more 2.5 goals or less 4.5 goals. You can also choose how many goals will be scored in the first half, etc.;

2) Both teams score (BTS) - the choice is yes or no. There is a tendency for people to like this type of bet and bet on both teams to score; 

3) Asian advantage (-1; +1.5; -2) - In this bet type we choose the team with an advantage, e.g. Barcelona vs Liverpool, we choose Barcelona with an advantage of -1.5, the match ends 2-0 in Barcelona's favour, which means that we have a score of 0.5:0, in which case we win the bet. If we choose Liverpool with an edge of +1.5 we get a score of 2:1.5, in which case we lose the bet;

4) Winner excluding ties (draw no bet or 0.0) - This means that if the team we bet on wins, we win, and in the event of a draw, the bet amount will be returned. 

5) Precise result - Here is a bet type for the more risk-loving bettor, where we can predict the exact outcome of the match.

Football predictions for the competition

There are many football matches taking place every day and there is a wide range of betting options. Choosing what to bet on can often be very confusing. In this case, sports betting predictions are a very useful tool. The sports analysts at provide you with regular football predictions. They analyse in detail the most important information for the specific match, look at the state of the teams and identify the best bets to bet on. 

The best companies for betting on football matches 

Football betting offers can be found at all betting companies. The most important aspects when choosing a betting company are the odds offered and the variety of betting offers. For your convenience, has evaluated and selected the best bookmakers to place your bets on football matches.


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Football betting - choosing the best option

Football bets

Football is a very complex sport, with many small details determining the outcome of a match. There are many factors to consider in order to choose the optimal bet. The sports analysts at focus on: 

1) the existing team playing format - information on how the teams have been looking lately, the atmosphere in the teams' dressing rooms and the preparation for the matches in question; 

2) assessment of players' physical condition and presentation of possible team combinations - we inform you which players will miss a match for one reason or another and try to predict the future line-ups for the upcoming matches. 

3) analysis of past competitions - assessing which teams the teams in question have played against, how the matches went, etc;

4) season statistics - takes into account where the teams in question are in the standings, average goals scored, goals conceded etc.

Betting on football - where to find useful information?

When betting on football, it is important to know where to find useful information. For news about teams and league news, we can use the official websites of the football leagues, such as the English Premier League (, Spanish La Liga ( or the Italian Serie A ( To keep track of results and observe the starting line-ups of the teams we recommend FlashScore (, where all information is conveniently available in real time. 

Structure of the biggest football leagues - when to place a bet?

football predictions

As we have already mentioned, the most popular football leagues, such as the English Premier League, the Spanish La Liga, etc., consist of 10 matches per round, which are usually played every week on Saturdays and Sundays. When choosing a football bet, it is important to know when to place it. Bets on are usually placed a few days before the match is due to kick off, and sometimes they are placed on the morning of the day of the match. There are several options when choosing when to place a football bet: 

1) placing a bet a day or more before the start of the match - in this case, we cannot know the exact line-ups of the teams. However, betting earlier may give better odds. By watching the odds of a match we can see how they go up or down. These trends can be used to judge whether the odds for the desired selection will be lower or higher at the start of the match. And also falling or rising odds can show which choice is being bet on more. We recommend that you place a football bet earlier in the game if there is information that suggests that the odds for the desired selection will fall and that you will get a better "price" in such cases; 

2) Placing a bet one hour before the start of the competition or after the announcement of the team line-ups - By choosing this option, we can know exactly what the teams will be and whether there are any surprises. The exact team line-ups are usually announced one hour before the start of the event. Their announcement affects the odds. If it is decided not to include an important player in the starting eleven, the odds for a team to win go up. And also, along with the line-ups, we can see the tactics and formation chosen for the match. This factor can also influence the odds of other football betting selections, such as "match total" or "Asian advantage". Placing a football bet after the teams' starting line-ups have been announced is the most optimal option. 

Football bettingAt that time, we have the most information and we can choose the most logical option. For those who like to take fewer risks, we recommend reading's football predictions and only betting when the published team line-ups show that the information in the prediction and the published line-ups are the same; 

3) live betting - Most modern betting companies offer the possibility to place football bets in real time. In this case, the odds are constantly changing depending on what is happening in the match. With live betting, we can find odds that are not available with pre-match betting. We recommend this option for those who like to watch football streaming and follow the results of the matches.

Football betting - how to bet responsibly?

Football is a place where any outcome is possible. Sometimes even the most seemingly certain bet can end up in the exact opposite of what was predicted. When betting on football, as with any other sport, we have to appreciate that there are no certain outcomes. Therefore, advises: 

1) bet the amount you can afford to lose; 

2) Set your "bankroll" and allocate up to 5% of your total bankroll per bet, up to 10% in exceptional cases; 

3) Don't see sports betting as a get-rich-quick scheme; 

4) not to try to "make up" for a loss, as chasing the money you lose usually leads to losing more money; 

5) when you win, don't bet big on another event and respect your "bank" limits; 

6) take regular breaks from betting and do not place more than a few bets per day.

Betting - Football

Odds in football betting

There are many bookmakers offering football betting around the world, and almost all of them have slightly different odds, but there are common trends: 

betting -football

1) A football match can have 3 different outcomes: 1st team win - draw - 2nd team win. Each of these outcomes is weighted according to the capacity of the teams and other factors. Since there are three possible outcomes, the coefficients for team wins are higher than in basketball. In football we can get odds for both 1st and 2nd team wins of around 2.7, but never forget that there is the possibility of a draw, which usually has odds of more than 3; 

2) Equal opportunity graduation rates usually range from 1.8 to 1.9, depending on the company, for example: Goal total 2.5 for both "more" and "less" we have a coefficient of 1.85. Ideally, the odds for a tie should be 2 (if there are two possible outcomes), but betting companies are programmed to make money on every bet. It is therefore important to note when placing a bet what odds are offered for the same outcome at different bookmakers; 

3) falling/rising odds - to track these odds we can use portals such as OddsPortal ( assistance. Various factors cause the odds for certain football betting outcomes to fall or rise, but sometimes the change can be very large. By observing this process, we can sometimes "catch" very valuable odds and profit from "sleeping" betting companies that do not have time to update the odds of their betting offerings.

Slong-term implications

As we have said before, any outcome is possible in football matches. You should take your time with each bet and not bet randomly and "on anything", even if betting is just a pastime or a pastime for you. When choosing an outcome, it is important to know what you are betting on and whether the bet is logical. It will always be the case that some bets will lose. This can happen to professionals too. It is possible to lose 5 or more games in a row, but this is part of the process and there is no need to panic. Betting is a marathon where the final result is what counts, not the result after 100 metres. 

Tips for football betting

Here, the team at will provide you with some tips that will be useful for both those who are betting for fun and those who want to make money from betting: 

1) Never bet more than 5% of your betting "pot" - the main reason why most people who bet lose is not bad choices, but bad money management; 

2) only bet on one event with odds between 1.60 and 2.20. Never combine 3 or more events in one bet. You may win from time to time, but it will only be luck and in the long run you will probably lose anyway; 

3) Don't bet just because a match is on TV or your favourite team is playing. Always weigh your bet logically and assess the risks: 

4) have accounts with at least a few betting companies. This will allow you to compare the odds and choose the best value; 

5) Don't draw conclusions about betting after a few matches, you need at least 100 bets to judge how well you are doing. 

Bets - Football


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