Every day, millions of people around the world join virtual poker rooms and play against each other. However, many of them don't know that there are many poker software applications that help players track their results, see mistakes, eliminate them and improve their playing skills. Poker platforms or apps are useful for players who want to achieve better results. Over the past decade and more, online poker has seen the rise of a wide variety of different support applications, ranging from simple game trackers to the latest optimal game solvers. Some of them are already blocked by rooms, some are still available. Which poker helpers are the most important? In this article, we'll take a look at more than 10 different poker platforms and software applications that do just that. So here are the best online poker apps and platforms for 2021!


simple GTO trainer

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Simple GTO is a group of applications that has a very impressive capability to analyse almost every possible situation that may arise in the course of a game. Simple GTO is not just the Trainer we mentioned in the title. Although the Trainer type of program is the most suitable for this case, as it offers the greatest number of features. However, other players can also choose from POSTFLOP (a GTO calculator that analyses pre-flop and post-flop situations), GTOBASE (an analytical application for poker strategies), GTO SENSEI (a mobile application) and many more. These tools will help you save time and increase your winnings. Best of all, you can try all the tools on this platform for free. With Simple GTO, players can learn how to deal with very complex situations and learn the most advanced gambling strategies with ease. A wealth of statistics, bet analysis and other data is all you need to win more. Read more about GTO Solvers here.

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poker apps - PokerTracker4

PokerTracker 4 is an advanced, leading-edge and highly user-friendly software for those who want to improve their poker performance. It can be used on both Mac and Windows computers. If you are not using PokerTracker 4, you can be sure that the vast majority of players at your virtual table are using. Not having this software could result in you losing some of your winnings...

PokerTracker 4 is the perfect solution, especially for those who want to start gambling better and more successfully. Everyone can try it for free for up to 14 days, so there's no reason not to download it. With PokerTracker 4, you'll be able to keep track of a wide range of statistics, monitor your cash flow and even your success curve... It's easy enough to turn your failures around and give you all the tools you need to win bigger. PokerTracker supports 888PokerPokerStars, Winamax, iPoker Network and Full Tilt are all fully featured, while many other poker rooms offer partial support with almost every possible feature.

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Poker software - HoldemManager3

If you're looking for something modern, innovative and able to fully meet the expectations of both beginners and experienced poker players - Holdem Manager 3 or HM3 is exactly what you need. If you are a very active gambler, this is one of the best choices, because unlike the above, it collects vsHero data, which is very important when you spend a lot of time at the same table with a certain player. This data alone is so important that it should convince serious gamblers to choose HM3. The software allows each player to create their own customised control screen or to select predefined settings. After each gaming session, you can examine not only your own moves but also those of your opponents. HM3 has a paid and a free trial version.

If you're interested in trying out one of the world's most highly regarded poker apps, choose HM Free. If you decide to purchase the software, please note that there are several versions available: the cheapest version is for small bets only, the popular or slightly more expensive version is for all bet sizes, and the most expensive version is for Holdem and Omaha poker of all types. There are also HM3 versions specifically for Omaha gaming.

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4. GTO+


If you can use a GTO-type poker software, you significantly increase your chances of improving your results over time. Why? Well, because GTOs, or game-theory optimisation supercalculators, are highly advanced and highly accurate and
smart apps. They are equipped with highly sophisticated algorithms (e.g. the Nash Equilibrium Strategy and others in GTO+) that run statistical mathematical models based on the course of play. With these models, it is possible to win more than without them. GTO+ is one of the most advanced programmes, with a licence costing 75$. The program itself prides itself on being one of the fastest GTO calculators on the market. GTO+ offers a wide range of statistical models that are useful to the player. It will continuously generate graphs and opportunity trees. The GTO+ page itself says that with this program - no other is needed.



PokerSnowie is one of the few AI poker tools that applies GTO poker theory to help you make better decisions, while also analysing your game. With PokerSnowie, you'll be able to see instantly whether you're playing optimally and which decisions you're making well and which you're not. Unfortunately, the tool doesn't have the ability to show you how to exploit the mistakes and weaknesses of weaker players, and it won't identify the most common decisions made by the players at the table, but even if it assumes that everyone is playing error-free, PokerSnowie is still a really useful tool for most players. It will help you fundamentally improve your skills and analyse past games.

One of the biggest advantages is that it's available to Windows and Mac OS users, as well as iPhone and Android smartphone owners. Anyone can try the free version. Also worth mentioning is the hands import tool. Entering your gambling history into the app allows you to see where you should have done things differently and where you could have made more money. Finally, if you want to improve your performance without risk, play against PokerSnowie's AI and improve your skills and knowledge in GTO poker without risk. Want to expand your arsenal of weapons as a player? Use PokerSnowie!

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One of the more popular tools, ICMIZER helps you become a better player. An advanced and highly modern calculator allows you to make the right decisions in preflop situations and in the later stages of tournaments. ICMIZER is all about helping you make good decisions at all stages of the game in both Multi-Table-Tournament and Sit'n'Go Tournaments. In short, ICMIZER gives you a clear view of what to do and how to do it in every possible
the situation.

The term ICM is encoded in the name of the programme, which is the English version of the Independent Chip Model. It uses the Nash mathematical model we mentioned earlier to help you keep improving your results without major losses or setbacks. Before you start using ICMIZER, you should read the instructional video so that you know from the readings whether it pays to PUSH your opponents or FOLD. Understanding is only necessary to learn how to read the readings. The program itself is extremely accurate, but also easy to use. You can try it for free.



If there is a tool tailored specifically for advanced players and pros, PioSOLVER is it. It is, without rivalry, one of the most accurate and best poker applications that allows you to optimise your strategy based on game theory. Users can always see which combinations are likely to be successful, i.e. when to bet, when to raise or when to back off. The downside is that, while it is very advanced, it is at the same time too deep and too complex for beginners. If you have not used any software before, we do not recommend starting with PioSOLVER. But for experienced players, we can tell you that if you buy PioSOLVER pro or PioSOLVER edge, you will have no complaints. These programs are used by the most serious gamblers from all over the world, who have increased their winnings significantly after signing up for this program.

A feature that is highly appreciated by PioSOLVER users is the setting of ranges. It allows a solver-like application to obtain much more realistic models and to propose more successful solutions. Also, if you want to use this programme seriously, you should be aware that it requires a lot of calculation resources to run. So your internet speed needs to be enormous, your computer needs to be very powerful, or, as most foreign gamblers do, you need to rent a dedicated server specifically for the PioSOLVER programs. Despite these drawbacks, if you are playing at higher stakes tables, you will definitely get ahead and win more than you did before with this program. Compared to PokerSnowie (which is the most similar to PioSOLVER), it still lacks the ability to deal
situations where many players remain at the table in a postflop situation.

Beast of Poker Team professional Samuli "TheJudas" Sipilä

"Whatever your opinion of GTO solvers like MonkerSolver or PIOSolver, they have already changed the way professional poker players understand the game. These solvers have created a different situation - before there were no right answers in poker, now there are. In a game with an infinite number of different situations, perfect strategy is impossible for humans, but almost possible for solvers (if you have a powerful enough computer). That's why we [professionals] use solvers as tools, but not only to find answers for one specific situation, but also as a tool for discovering strategy patterns. When we discover these recurring patterns, we try to incorporate them into our game, with the aim of becoming an unbeatable human-solver hybrid. So far, nobody has even come close to this level of play (at least in PLO), but I believe we will see such achievements in the next ten years."


advanced poker HUD

It is a relatively inexpensive purchase that will allow you to exploit your opponents' mistakes and loopholes in a very fast and efficient way. The colour coding or colour assignment feature will make it easy to see when other players make a mistake (e.g. you see red on the screen, which you assign to the action you made). You can immediately change your strategy accordingly. More importantly, the Advanced Poker HUD will continuously show you pop-up boxes that will notify you of opportunities and draw your attention to the areas where players most often make mistakes, when they don't take advantage of opportunities, how much money they are leaving on the table during a fold, when they don't C-bet, and much more.

Advanced Poker HUD users can also see how their opponents are playing against them and the rest of the table, again making it easier to exploit gaps. Standard data related to this includes: 3-bet actions from different positions at the table, fold actions during 3-bet raises and more. Basically, the Advanced Poker HUD is really a very advanced tool. It is one of the best solutions for everyone and it is definitely worth a try, because the cost is really very low but the power it offers is enormous. When combined with Holdem Manager or a similar program, players get incomparably better results than before they started using them. As Advanced Poker HUD users are fond of saying, it can "crush" opponents.



This is another HUD-type tool that is useful for any poker player. It's neither the cheapest nor the most expensive tool, but NoteCaddy Edge doesn't disappoint. HUD tools are not stand-alone applications. They are like a screen of additional information. As you play in the poker room, the HUD adds new data to the normal view to help you gain an edge. The main function of Edge 3.0 is to realise full Holdem poker
potential and provide you with all the information you need about the game in progress.

NoteCaddy Edge itself has been around since 2012, and 3.0 is the latest version of the app that has helped thousands of gamers. One of the biggest benefits highlighted by satisfied users and the Edge developers themselves is intuitiveness and ease of use. It's very easy to get used to, and once you do, the results come almost automatically. Even complete novices can easily take advantage of the HUD and find the most direct way to exploit their opponents' mistakes and win more money! It's really easy to get the most out of everything. This is really clear when you customise the various settings, combo badges and pop-up boxes.


The poker strategy equilab

This is a free (yes, it's completely free) poker app. Poker Strategy Equilab is concentrated on pot equity. This is your percentage chance of winning any given hand. You can research, analyse and analyse any probability, any
situations and monitor your equity at every stage of the game and in every situation. You can save your aggregated data for later use. From the outside or when using The Poker Strategy Equilab for the first time, it may seem a bit complicated, but it is not. Once you start using it, you will find that the system is user-friendly and offers many intuitive control options. If you want to learn and expand your knowledge at the poker table, you'll be hard pressed to find
a better free tool. Very few paid apps can offer something more...

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Stars Helper

Perhaps the biggest advantage Stars Helper can offer the user is the translation of regular bets into Big Blinds. Don't underestimate this seemingly small feature, as it is extremely important, especially if you play with multiple limits
at the same time. Stars Helper is a modern, easy-to-use tool that allows you to see your own and other players' action history in a HUD. The HUD interface allows you to see not only the history, but also the position, bluff probability, bet adjustments, probability of winning the whole pot and other relevant information.

But let's go back to the Big Blinds conversion mentioned above. Instead of seeing real money on the table, which inevitably has at least a minimal impact on your decision making, you will see BB amounts. This way you will definitely reduce the chances of making a mistake and concentrate on the most important things: strategy, making the right decision, winning, rather than a few cents, dollars or euros. Stars Helper is highly recommended for all players who want to level up or stay level up. At only 35$ (EU customers contribute 20% VAT), it's not a huge investment.


Time Mojo

As soon as you open the TimeMojo website, you can see that the developers are committed to wasting as little of your time as possible. From the very first page, you're greeted by a bold text message that says "Increase your Winrate" or "Win more often". Pretty bold, right? Maybe even too bold?... But when you think about how many times you have flexed your muscles and bailed on a good hand only to have your opponent fold, and how many times you have made a decision too quickly and bailed on a weak hand, there is certainly something that could be done about that. This is a problem for all players, especially beginners. While more experienced poker players are polishing their angles, nobody is perfect. It's very handy to have a helper to point out your mistakes and bad decisions, in this case TimeMojo.

The main purpose of TimeMojo is to help you manage your time better. This poker software aims to make decision-making time completely random. This way, your opponents will never know if you've been thinking about what to do for a very long time or if you're acting impulsively, giving you a huge advantage. On top of all this, TimeMojo also analyses the behaviour of other players. By calculating how long it takes them to make a decision, it provides some useful information about the strength of the hand you have (the analysis is based on how long it takes to make a decision). More information on the app itself can be found on the TimeMojo website. All we will say is that 59.99$ for the full version of the app is a great bargain!



It is difficult to cover and describe all the functions of TableNinja. But what we can say is that it's a must-have for anyone serious about online poker. Basically, TableNinja is into multi-tabling or multi-table gambling
a concentrated programme. It can be programmed with hotkeys to play faster, automatically calculate the bet size, and arrange the current games to suit you. This application is the work of the developers of the Holdem Manager mentioned above. You can try it for free or purchase it with your HM3 licence. Best of all, TableNinja will be super easy to use. It will help both first-time players and professionals alike to successfully gamble at many tables at once.

In fact, the most important function is the assignment of hotkeys or hotkeys, which we mentioned earlier, because they make it much quicker for you to do what you need to do. When you need to make a decision, the application itself zooms in or draws your attention to the table that is currently relevant. Finally, TableNinja will help you use your time efficiently, manage waiting lists and much more. If you're looking for a tool that will help you increase your winnings, play at many tables at once and save you time, TableNinja is a must-have. The price of a full licence is 19.99$ per month, or 150$ for a full year if you pay upfront.



This is a slightly different tool than the ones listed above. Free Poker Clock is for those who want to organise poker games with friends or online. Although we have listed many tools that will help you gain an edge, Free Poker Clock is not one of them. It makes it easier to organise a fun game and easily set the time and betting limits you need. No more getting lost or confused, everything will run smoothly and have fun.888Poker also has a tool called Poker Timer.

15. DriveHUD

DriveHUD is not just a notification of a game in progress interface. It is also a constantly updated database that can be used for online gaming. Like other poker HUDs, DriveHUD is compatible with most online online poker rooms and displays information in real time. With data, numbers and probabilities, players can easily make the most optimal decisions and reduce the risk of failure to almost zero. DriveHUD continuously collects information about your game and stores it in its database. Whenever you want, you can go back to the data, analyse it, create reports and analyse in detail all the nuances of your game to eliminate gaps as quickly as possible.

DriveHUD allows you to create unlimited badges (the number of badges for other players. This makes it easy to sort out bluffing, aggressive players, bullies or any other type of poker player. You'll also be able to conveniently see your game results by EV, rate your biggest wins and losses, intuitiveness and more. It's a professional tool that's easy to understand even for a novice. That's why we are describing DriveHUD in this article!

16. Poker Copilot

If you're using a Mac OS Apple computer, Poker Copilot is the best choice. This application is mainly focused on identifying weak players at your table as quickly as possible and helping you to gain the biggest possible advantage over them.

Poker copilot

The app has HUD and tracker functions. This means that in real time, on your own screen, on the field of play, you can see information that is not available to others. You can see various statistics that are updated after each move. Poker Copilot is compatible with PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker, 888poker and just about every other major online poker room. What's more, it's also different from the others. plugs holes in your game. In English they are called leaks. Leak detectors are software algorithms that continuously track your decisions and report sub-optimal and wrong moves. No player plays perfectly, so it's good to know when you've made a mistake so it doesn't happen again. It's the constant mistakes that are most beats on the walletgetting rid of them is therefore extremely important. With PokerCopilot leak detector is free, whereas with other HUDs you would probably have to pay extra for such an add-on, or buy a separate app specifically for analysing game vulnerabilities.

The most important poker utilities

There are plenty of poker apps to discover. Unfortunately, almost all of them are paid and often not the cheapest. Luckily for new players, you don't have to buy them all to start playing profitably. Lower-limit players will only need one (or, in fact, one and a half) apps - a game tracker and a HUD of some kind. Trackers will usually be PokerTracker or Hold 'Em Manager. The HUD will almost always depend on the format being played, as different information will be useful in MTT, Cash and Spin N' Go games.

The second important programme is Equilab. Equilab is free, but very useful for every player. It allows you to calculate the probabilities of selected situations for different numbers of players.

Higher level players will start to need more apps. One of the most important for ascending to the highest limits and ultra-strong play is the aforementioned GTO solvers. These will help you discover new ways to play both good and bad players and win more money. These programmes are often very expensive, so it should only be an investment once it has become worthwhile.

Auxiliary poker apps - benefits and uses

Poker software has been around for a long time. Basically, they used for two purposes - to improve decision-making during the game (i.e. HUDs) or help with training (i.e. apps that collect game history like PokerTracker via Hold 'Em Manager or GTO strategy calculators like PIOSolver). Game history apps have become a staple in any regular player's arsenal. As soon as they appeared, the advantages they offer were seen to be enormous. Even if there were no HUDs, having a hand history that can then be analysed and learned from is the most effective way to improve in poker. Programmes such as Poker Tracker via Hold 'Em Manager is an essential tool for any poker professional.

The second important part of any poker player's arsenal is HUDs. Nowadays, there are a growing number of online poker rooms that block some stats, block the collection of long-term stats, or just generally do not allow you to use the Heads-Up Display in any way during the game. However, in online rooms where HUDs are still allowed, not having them is a huge disadvantage. Long-term stat gathering on your opponent is a very important part of decision making, especially against moderate players (or room regs). Against recreational players, statistics will often not be very useful, as there won't be very many of them, but sometimes you can still see trends. However, HUDs are always particularly useful in mid-height limits where regs still have a lot of game leaks. By analysing their gameplay, it is possible to find access to more and more edge.


Finally, the third and most modern category is the GTO solvers. GTO (or Game Theory Optimal) spreadsheets can simulate a situation in which a player has no leaks and cannot be exploited. These spreadsheets are still relatively new in the poker world, so not all players have a good understanding of their use. GTO spreadsheets should only be reserved for those who already have a good understanding of the game itself, the use of strategies against players, and a strong understanding of poker fundamentals.All players, both stable and solo, should start getting used to frequent play as they move up to higher limits. Using the GTO solver. These programmes will not disappear and will become part of many professionals' training.

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Poker apps - summary

One important poker fact is always worth remembering - ancillary programmes are only useful to the extent that they are exploited. One of the most common drawbacks for mid-level poker players is a lack of discipline. Buying software does not in itself give you any advantage over anyone.

Any software used to improve the poker game should be used as often and as consistently as possible. It is therefore best to establish a weekly or monthly learning programme to follow. The learning programme should include both the use of GTO solvers and the analysis of your own hands. Hand analysis should be a major part of the learning, especially if there are still many leaks. GTO solvers cannot fill simple game leaks.

Of course, the easiest way to fill leaks in the game is with the help of a higher level professional. Therefore, it is always a good idea to have a poker trainer (coach) when using poker support software. The reality of the poker game is that it is not always clear which decisions are the right ones, as many decisions can be wrong but can turn a profit in the short term. Usually only the higher level players can spot such objective weaknesses in the game.