Card game Palka

The card game Palka is one of the most popular and fun party games! Fun, simple and great fun, it's a game that often comes up with different variations when played with friends, such as playing out of the box or even undressing. In this short guide you will find the rules of the card game palka and the tools needed for the game. You will also learn how to play palka.
card game palka

Palka card game rules

How many players play?

Palka - Traditional card gamewhich can be played by 2 or more players.

Instruments needed for the game

Played with a 24-card deck. The rank order of the cards is nine, ten, jack, queen, king and ace. The cards are carefully shuffled and dealt 3 to each player and the rest are placed in the deck.  

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Value of cards

A nine is worth zero points, so a player who puts a nine on the table misses a turn, but still has to draw one card to get a 3 again.

Ten - 10 points are added or subtracted from the total points in the deck (at the player's discretion).

Boy - 2 points added.

Checkers - 3 points added.

King - 4 points are added.

Ace - adds 1 or 11 points (at player's discretion).

The aim of the game

Place the cards on the table in such a way that the sum of the points of the cards placed on the table does not exceed 31 points.

How to play Palka?

After dealing 3 cards to everyone, the dealer places 1 card face up on the table. Players take it in turns to place one the card and counts how many points have been scored.

It is important to play cards with a total of 31 points or slightly less.

After discarding a card, the player adds up to three cards, taking one card from the deck discarded at the start of the game.

You cannot skip a turn - the card must be discarded if it is unsuitable.

When a player places a card that reaches or exceeds the 31-point total, the count continues, but minus 30 points.


During the game, there are penalties for certain "infringements" and "player gets the stick".

This may be the origin of the name of the game, as "palka" means "to cross with a stick", but in this game "to cross with a stick" is used metaphorically.

The player who "gets the stick":

  1. Who deals a card that exceeds the 31-point limit. This usually happens when the player does not have a nine, which does not count points, or a ten, which allows 10 points to be deducted from the point total.
  2. Whose cards are seen by someone else and listed accurately for the other players.
  3. A person who forgets to say the number of points when he or she places the card, or says it incorrectly.
  4. Who helps or drops the face-up cards when some other player has "got the stick".
  5. Which tells you the value of the deck during the game if another player forgets the value.
  6. Who looks at his cards before the dealer.
  7. Which "throws" a card to the next player when the previous player has not yet picked up 3 cards.
  8. Who, when dealing cards, accidentally turns up a card.
  9. Who starts the deal off-clockwise or from themselves.
  10. Whoever is asked what the total number of points is, answers incorrectly.
  11. Which does not tell you the total number of points.
  12. The dealer also receives a "penalty" if he forgets to turn up 1 card.

Exception! If any player during the game collects three cards of the same rank (e.g. three Aces or three Queens), he/she receives the exclusive right to "deal a hand" to any of his/her opponents.

Palka - the party game!

As already mentioned, the Palka card game can be spiced up with fun challenges.

For example, a player with 3 palka has to complete a task invented by his/her friends. It should be noted that a draw must be made before the task can be assigned, and the task is assigned to the player who has drawn the corresponding pre-agreed card.

In a four-player game, the most common cards drawn are aces (before the players face each other to see which card each player chooses), and if there are more players, the draw is made with four aces and any other cards.

If a player draws his card after receiving three 'taps', his 'taps' are cancelled and 5 cards are added.

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