Texas holdem poker online

According to statistics, around 150,000,000 people worldwide play poker online, or approximately 150 million people. Approximately 40% of these players are American, but there are also a few Europeans. Not surprisingly, online poker is also very popular among Lithuanians, who participate in international online poker tournaments, join rooms and play for leisure.
Texas holdem poker online

Undoubtedly the most popular type of online poker is Texas holdem poker online. It is the two-handed variation of Holdem that people like the most. This time, we'll focus on the online version of Texas Holdem and discuss the most popular places to play, the rules of this poker game, tips to help you become a better player, and much more relevant and interesting information to discover!

The best poker rooms online:

Texas holdem poker rules - how do I learn to play?

We have written a comprehensive poker rules article with lots of textual and pictorial information, so if you want all the details, we recommend link to this article. Well, let's try to keep it short.

Texas holdem poker doesn't really require a lot of knowledge. The rules of the game are really quite clear and don't require too much effort. It is true that you need to have a strategy, make constant calculations and choose the optimal solutions to play against the pros. However, if you're playing with friends, you may want to listen more to your gut feeling.

The essence of the game

Texas holdem poker rules

The game uses a 52-card deck. The players and the dealer(s) are involved. Online dealing is automatic, and the role of dealer among friends may be rotated between players. There are no jokers or extra cards involved. The deck is shuffled before the game and each player is dealt two cards face up. These cards should not be revealed to your opponents.

After two cards have been dealt, bets are made (two players, in a continuously rotating order, are required to bet immediately) and the other players have the choice to join or leave the game. After this sequence of bets, three community cards are revealed (community) cards. Using the cards in your hand and face up on the table, you need to make the best possible hand (COMBINATIONS). Combinations are made up of cards of the same rank, bridge and turn. All are ranked in the rules from best to weakest. The best hand is much rarer than the simplest. For example, Player A has a total of three aces and Player B has two fours. Player A wins because three of a kind is a better hand than two of a kind.

Then, when the three community cards are dealt face up, there is another round of betting. At the end of this stage, a fourth card is turned up and bets are placed again. Finally, the fifth community card is turned over and the final betting phase begins. If all players have withdrawn by this time, the last player left in the game will collect the prize pool. If no players withdraw, then there is showdown (the final round) and the players reveal their hole cards. The best hand wins.

Poker rules for beginners

Where is the best place to start?

If you are a beginner, you should not dive headfirst into high-stakes games or tournaments with high buy-ins. Doing so will simply put you at risk of losing big and being taken advantage of by stronger players. For beginners, we recommend that you play at least a few dozen or a few hundred hours (depending on your level of enthusiasm and financial capacity) at the lowest stakes tables or for free, with friends.

You can continue to try to add new knowledge on poker probabilities (e.g. when it pays to raise, which hands are considered stronger and when it is better to fold). Don't forget that when playing on a computer you can download poker appsthat will give you an edge and the optimal gambling strategy.

By registering on the Pokeriomokykla portal, you will have access to exclusive knowledge and exclusive materialswhich will inevitably help you improve as a player and allow you to progress at the fastest possible pace. The only thing that separates you from the best players is your lack of experience, so the sooner you gain it, the sooner you can start to exploit your advantage over weaker players and increase your earnings.

In summary, the best place to start is at the free or low-stakes tables, learning probabilities and joining a platform where you can see exclusive content and have the opportunity to learn individually at your fingertips.

The best poker rooms online:

Texas holdem poker - how to become a better player?

Know yourself as a player

If you already have some experience, you might also benefit from skills and tips on how to become a better player. There is no one magic formula that will turn you into a poker pro overnight. Everyone, even at the highest level, has their own style, strengths and weaknesses. The best thing you can do is to know your strengths and weaknesses, and work on exploiting your strengths over other players to prevent them from exploiting your weaknesses. So the first tip is to know yourself as a player.

How to do it? There are things you can notice for yourself. While these will be the clearest conclusions, it is only possible to see with your own eyes a very limited number of your strengths and weaknesses.

Poker strategy - knowing yourself and your players

Another way is to use poker software. They collect a lot of information and can tell you how you behave in different situations. These statistics can be used to optimise your game plan and avoid making mistakes. However, the best way to improve is through individual consultations, lessons, courses or similar programmes. With its help, you will surely find the most optimal way to improve and achieve your desired goals more quickly.

Learn how to count "outs"

Probabilities in poker are almost everything. If you have a good understanding of probability theory in poker in particular, then you can expect to be much more successful in your gambling. The basic way of calculating probabilities is to count "outs". This is the number of cards that can make or break your hand. For example, you have an 8 and a 9, and on the table there is also an 8, a 9 and an A. You already have two pairs and probably the best hand, but there is always room for improvement. If another 8 or another 9 comes up, you should Full House'one of the best combinations. Theoretically, there are 4 outs in this situation, as there are two 8s and two 9s in the deck.

The more outs, the more likely you are to get the combination you need and the better your chances of winning. Here's a handy table, the values of which are recommended to be memorised so that you know instinctively how to behave in certain situations.

Table 1

You must You need Number of Outs
One couple Three of a Kind 2
Two pairs

Four cards of the same suit (Four Flush)

Full House




"Inside Straight - e.g. you have 4,5,7 and 8 in your hand and on the table and need 6 more Straight 4
"Open-ended Straight - e.g. you have 9, 10, J and Q in your hand and on the table. For a Straight, you only need a K and an 8. Straight 8

 The higher you go, the more "outs" it is useful to know by heart. Of course, it's easy to calculate everything without remembering it, but over time you will definitely be able to fit it all into your memory.

"Outs should not be counted twice. That is, if the cards drawn are duplicates (e.g. a straight and a flush with the received card), the cards cannot be counted twice. Not only your own possibilities are counted, but also the potential combinations available to your opponents.

There are also anti-outs and blocking cards. What are these? Anti-Outs are cards that can end your hand, but don't necessarily give you the best chance to win. Let's say a card that was your "Out" is turned up and you now have a straight. However, at the same time, the face-up card could be a third card of the same suit as two other cards on the table, which means that you would lose flush.

Example: in your hand 7♥8♥. Open on the table:  5♣Q♠6♣.

You are aiming for a Straight and your "most wanted" cards are 4 and 9. However, if a 4 of clubs or a 9 of clubs comes up, even though you have a Straight, there will already be three of a kind on the table, which means that even if you have a Straight, you will lose to anyone who has a Flush. So out of 8 possible Outs, only 6 are actually good. Don't think that every Out is for your maximum benefit. Be more conservative when calculating probabilities.

Play as much as possible

This is where most of the differences of opinion lie. While everyone agrees that the best poker players need constant practice, and that only by playing more can you become more skilled, there are fluctuating estimates on how long it takes to get from a raw becoming a capable semi-professional or full professional.

Texas holdem online - how to become a better player?

Opinions usually revolve around the 3-6 month limit for the most talented players and the 24-36 month limit for those players who are more methodical and learn more through practice than theory. However, if you give it enough time, you can probably reach a pretty good level (i.e. no longer a weak player) within 8-12 months. But then you probably can't really call yourself a professional yet.

Well, to get to a really high level, it's usually 10,000 hours in all fields, not just poker. There is an unwritten rule that if you put 10 000 hours into your craft, you will become a professional. If you spend 3 hours a day on poker, you would need to spend 9 years playing to accumulate the required number of hours. So, if you dream of becoming a poker ProfessionalsYou need to start now, and you will need to spend a lot of time on it. Three hours a day is probably not enough. However, everyone learns at their own pace and you may very well need fewer hours. So just play, monitor your progress, don't doubt the benefits of personalised training and you will definitely improve!

The best poker rooms online:

Don't lose your knee for the track

Long term strategyThis is a more abstract piece of advice, but it is also very important. When you play poker, you need to stay as focused as possible on long-term results and winnings. You can't get lost or immediately change your strategy if you lose one prize pool. Try to maintain consistent results and positive overall earnings rather than winning one big pot and no longer being a threatening player.

We also recommend that you don't mix between multiple poker apps and prefer to play in one room. If you are constantly changing the programs you use and the rooms you play in, you won't get used to anything as much as you could, and you won't have the distinct advantage that you could. In English, this is called consistency. This is perhaps the most important and most useful quality for a professional poker player, who plays for income and not just for fun.

The best poker apps for new players

Poker software - computer tools that can help you choose the best playing strategy, avoid common mistakes and increase your winnings. When playing Texas Hold 'em poker online, there are certain programs that will offer the greatest benefit to beginners. These programs include:

  • PokerTracker 4 - one of the more popular applications on both Mac and Windows platforms. PokerTracker 4 comes with a 14-day free trial, so you can get a taste of how the software works in real life conditions. 888 Poker, PokerStars, Full Tilt and many other poker rooms are supported. You'll be able to monitor your cash flow, your success curve, and a variety of statistics that can be used to learn and improve.

Try PokerTracker4 Free!

  • Simple GTO Trainer - part of a larger group of applications, Simple GTO Trainer has a wide range of options to help the user develop and improve their game. Users can analyse Pre-Flop and Post-Flop situations and observe their tendencies and gaps, as well as see what they could do differently. Simple GTO Trainer will help both beginners and advanced players to progress to a higher level.

Try GTO Trainer for free!

  • Holdem Manager 3 - also known as HM3, is probably the most popular programme on the internet. What exactly makes Holdem Manager 3 good for a new player? First of all, it's because it will collect data on other players. So if you're sitting at a table with someone for the first time, you'll have some information about their tendencies and playing style. HM3 is easy to customise to suit your needs, and there are a number of analytical tools. There are also other related applications in the software group that can help you not only analyse, but also play at more tables or meet other needs.

Try HoldemManager3 Free!

Texas holdem poker online - where most players go and the best poker rooms online

There are certainly more than a few poker rooms where you can log in and gamble. In Lithuania, only Betsafe works optimally, but if you configure your computer's internet settings properly, you can easily access poker rooms abroad. We will now take a look at the main and most popular poker rooms that we can recommend to everyone. They offer the best bonuses for newcomers and the best playing conditions.

Betsafe Poker - the only fully Lithuanian poker room

Betsafe (formerly known as Tonybet) has the only and, it must be stressed, the only truly excellent online poker room in Lithuania. It attracts a large number of local players who are willing to play and compete actively.

The majority of Betsafe visitors play lower buy-in or lower-limit games. If you fall into the so-called high-rollers, Betsafe is probably not the best platform for you. Betsafe offers not only the traditional - most popular - poker games, but also Chinese poker. Newcomers can take advantage of very good bonus offers and gamble not only on the computer but also via the mobile app.

888 Poker - one of the longest running online poker rooms

If we look at the statistics, 888 Poker ranks in the top 5 online poker rooms in terms of popularity. In total, it has between 7 and 12 million active players from all over the world. With numbers like that, you can be sure that you'll be facing not only Lithuanians, but competitors from other countries and continents.

This high level of traffic also means that there are plenty of opportunities for beginners and experienced players alike. You can play both via the smartphone app and online. With 888 Poker, you're sure to have plenty of action with a choice of live games or live tournaments. The platform is convenient and easy to use, with a wide selection of discounts and bonuses for newcomers on their first registration.

PokerStars - the world's largest online poker room

While there are certainly other big fish in the market, PokerStars is by far the biggest player. Statistics show that 2 out of every 3 online players gamble on the PokerStars platform. Why is it so popular? A lot of it comes from advertising, but it's a really old platform with a history going back almost twenty years. In that time it has built up a loyal player base and has hosted a number of hugely popular tournaments.

Once you've downloaded the app on your computer or smartphone, you can start playing. PokerStars is also home to the majority of poker apps and the majority of tournaments, so it's easy to improve your skills or find something fun to do. Find out atPokerStars

Partypoker - probably the best online poker room for Spin & Go

It's not the biggest poker room on the web, but it's certainly not short on action. Nevertheless, Partypoker is one of the most recognisable brands and is operated by GVC Holdings, a reputable gambling company from the UK. A high cashback rating (cashback) and the ease of use of the platform, we can recommend Partypoker to anyone who wants to play.

Texas holdem poker online - gthe best online poker players in the world

While most people are familiar with the stars of the WSOP tournaments (which are televised) and the PokerStars event videos hosted on YouTube, there are some stars in online poker that are also worth knowing. You can improve your own game dramatically by learning from them. What's more, knowing who they are could mean you'll find yourself at the same table playing Texas Holdem online at some point.

Patrik Antonius

The Finn is one of the highest-earning online poker players in the world. He is a professional who has appeared on numerous TV shows and in top-level tournaments. It is estimated that Mr Antonius has won well over 10 million $ during his online career. He is best known for playing poker online at the same time as the game's popularity was growing the most.

Viktor Blom
Viktor Blom

Phil Ivey

Considered by many to be not only the best poker player of this generation, but also the best poker player of all time, the American Mr Ivey frequently plays in high buy-in tournaments and cash games online. Sources estimate that Phil Ivey must have earned around 20 million $ in his career from online poker alone. He has been equally successful in real-life tournaments, where he has won as many as 10 WSOP bracelets.

Viktor Blom

Better known by your online nickname - Isildur1, this Swede became something of an online poker legend/myth until his true identity was revealed. It turns out that the man behind the account was a very young player (he started playing when he was only 15 and became famous around the age of 18-19). He managed to win $1.7 million in two weeks, and many still believe that Isildur1 is the real Texas Holdem poker online King!