Sports betting predictions

The number of sports betting bookmakers is growing and new betting companies are emerging. As in all fields, bookmakers are also evolving and each year it becomes more difficult for a new entrant to "beat" a bookmaker in the long term in order to make money from sports betting. But what if you are really interested in this field and want to get into it more seriously, and maybe even make some money from it?

The first thing you should think carefully about is the purpose of your betting. The two most common options are either for fun or to make money. You have an exciting race in the evening, you want to make it even more exciting and exciting, so you bet on a hunch. It's a familiar situation, but in many cases that's exactly how people get involved in gambling, to make up for losses and so on. Nevertheless, in order to not only make the match more "interesting" to watch, but also to make money from it, it is advisable to take a closer look at the upcoming match. One of the helpers can be sports betting predictions. Various sports portals such as:,, etc. provide previews and detailed information on the upcoming Euroleague and European Cup, LKL, NBA competitions, so this could be a first step if you want to, for example, try to make money from the matches of Lithuanian teams.

Betting predictions

Free betting predictions now available at the Poker School

There are many platforms where you can buy paid bets, but what if you are just starting out and don't want to invest large sums of money in sports betting right away? Free betting predictions may be the answer to this question. You can find free betting predictions everywhere, from social networks to relevant websites, but finding quality free predictions is quite difficult.

It is for these reasons that is expanding its activities to include betting predictions! Poker School sports analysts will share with you for advice from different sports. Here Each week you will find previews of basketball, football, hockey, e-sports, tennis matches and of course a betting forecast. The Poker School's sports analysts will try to make the predictions interesting to read and make you look forward to the match with a much broadened horizon and context.

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Sports Predictions - How will the Poker School stand out?

As we have already mentioned, sports predictions can be found on every specialised sports website, as well as on betting/betting sites, social networks, etc. For example, the biggest basketball portals in the country, such as basketnews, and others, have podcasts where analysts analyse certain matches, league highlights, etc. In many cases, there are a lot of ideas that, if properly applied, can help you make better decisions on the selection of the events you are planning to bet on, as well as a better understanding of the context of the match and the key moments. However, it is important to be aware that it is not always a good idea to bet on the basis of sports analysts' predictions.

Sport predictions

Imagine reading an article written by a sportswriter talking about the good form of Team A, followed by a prediction that Team A is almost guaranteed to beat Team B in the next round of, say, the Euroleague.In many cases, a gambler who is new to betting on sports will take this advice and rush to place a bet on Team A, without considering the event and the betting perspective. I.e. how is the team performing at home/away, what is the projected team line-up for the respective competition, is the odds given for Team A too low for the potential risk?

In order to help you properly assess the importance of the match, the most important aspects of the match and the match itself, Poker School Sports Analysts' predictions provide as much relevant information as possible regarding the potential outcome of the match. Each preview includes information on the potential line-ups of the teams, the importance of the match for each team, an overview of the teams' formats, and other factors that may affect the outcome of the match.

Bets - predictions and their accuracy

We have already mentioned that betting predictions can be found everywhere these days, from social networks to specialised websites. There are also a lot of advertisements floating around on the Internet, pages that offer a "magic" system that will help you win the lottery, win consistently, bypass the systems of betting sites and a million other worthless "hooks". These are cheap tricks designed to engage people who understand less not only betting, but also marketing in general and the whole operation of betting shops/casinos. The most common are offers to bet higher amounts on favourites with very low odds or to double the bets after losing. Both systems have nothing to do with sports prediction and analysis, nor with finding value. But then why is this happening? There is a very simple explanation for this whole process: usually the people who run these types of advertisements earn a percentage of the money you lose. It is in their interest that you click on their link and register on the page in question, and that you make money by trying to bet on their tips. Even if you are initially successful, none of the above systems will bring you any money in the long run and you will end up "burning" your money and trying to get back in the excitement.

Sports betting predictions

One of the most important things to understand about sports betting and betting is that a good sports expert is not looking for random luck that will allow you to win the biggest amount of money in the short term, ignoring the fact that in the long term the betting pattern may be losing.

Think about it, if one of the "easy money" systems was really effective and everyone who discovered it could become a millionaire, would you share it with others? There is no easy money anywhere, and sports betting is no exception.

Free bets - what should a noteworthy prediction look like?

You may have noticed that free bets are usually offered without any additional description. For example, in Facebook betting groups, it is common to scroll through a bunch of free bets, only to find that the same person is betting on the Japanese women's basketball league one day, the KHL hockey league the next, and then sharing tips on men's tennis tournaments the next. It is safe to assume that he is simply a speculator who does not know any of the sports he is betting on and is simply betting on a hunch, which will not bring any success in the long term in 99% cases. So, which free bets are worth paying attention to?

Free bets

To start with, every serious betting tip should provide you with a brief context about the match on which the bet is placed. What arena is the match taking place in (who is playing at home, who is playing away, maybe a neutral ground)? Next, it is important to note whether the free bet on offer has been analysed in depth, rather than just taking the results of the last few matches and describing them without any insight. The most important thing is to select a bet that you think has value and the odds offered are too good to pass up. For example, in a tennis match, the odds offered for Player A and Player B to win are equal. However, you find a free bet that informs you that Player A is returning from a serious injury and Player B is defending a high number of ATP points in a tournament. You check the facts, in which case you can take advantage of the free bet by placing a bet on Player B.

To summarise, the most noteworthy free bets are those that look for value in the odds offered by analysing the current form of the players/teams, the circumstances of the match, and other nuances that may play a role in the outcome of the match. It is advisable to bypass free bets which only offer one or other choice based on the results of a few previous matches, without any consideration of the circumstances of the match. It will also take time to select the right free bets, but again, making money from betting requires an investment of both time and effort.

Tipsters - how to choose the right one?

As betting continues to grow in popularity, it's only natural that you'll find betting tips, paid and free, just about everywhere. However, in many cases, a person who wants to make money from betting and doesn't have a lot of time to analyse the events themselves is looking for a tipster who can help them make money from sports betting. Where to find a tipster and how to choose the right one?


To start with, most tipsters who offer their services and ask for money are in the minuses in betting and cannot be considered reliable advisors. This is especially true when looking for a tipster on facebook, in sports betting groups. Facebook experts are unique in general, because only on this social network can you find betting diamonds, pearls, emeralds and all sorts of other gems on which you are not only without pearls but also without money. My advice would be to ignore the buzz words or pictures that come with a prediction for a particular sporting event, but to read what information from the proposed match is presented and how many real arguments we can see to help us make up our mind.

Another very important point in choosing a tipster to try to win at sports betting is to analyse the tipster's previous bets, betting history, areas where they do best and where they make the most profit. For example, the same tipster may have an ideal annual performance on basketball bets, but the opposite on hockey bets. Every serious tipster should have a betting history of at least a couple of years, especially if it is a tipster that charges a certain fee for its services. In this case, you can feel free to ask him for detailed statistics, monthly results and any other information that would help you to choose this particular tipster.

Last, but also very important, is the evaluation of the cost of the services offered by the tipster. The prices of betting advisor services vary widely, but the most important point is the evaluation of your bankroll. For example, you have decided to use a tipster with an average monthly hit of ~60% and an average odds of 1.85. This means that by betting ÔéČ100 on each bet offered by the tipster, you will make a profit of ÔéČ110 that month. Let's assume that the cost of the services offered by the tipster is ÔéČ100 per month. This would mean that even with a 60% hit, you would be risking ÔéČ100 on each event offered, and after deducting the tipster's fees, you would be left with a profit of just ÔéČ10 to ÔéČ10 that month. There may be better and worse months for everyone, but it is certainly possible to make a preliminary estimate of the risk and potential profit based on the tipster's past performance, so don't be too lazy to calculate your own finances and look into it further before you pay someone for their services.

Fixes - do agreed matches really exist?

Fixes, or pre-arranged competitions, have been around since ancient times, so it's no secret that these days they do happen. Of course, the biggest chances of finding "fixed matches" are in the lower leagues of various sports, since due to low salaries, poor conditions and other nuances, athletes, and sometimes referees too, when offered the chance to earn extra money by "fixing" the end of a match, resort to such things. Scandals of fixed competitions do not bypass Lithuania either. Match-fixing scandals in the football A-League often come to light, as well as in basketball, which have led to the expulsion of the teams concerned from certain leagues. Fixed matches make sport "ugly", but how does the whole "match-fixing" process work and what should you know about it?

Fixes in matches

Imagine, players who collude to fix the outcome of a match risk thousands of fines, disqualifications from teams and sports leagues. A disqualification of several years can not only result in huge financial losses, but can also completely ruin a sportsman's career. Fixed matches are rare, but since both careers and big money are at stake, how easy do you think it would be to obtain such information, and how much should it cost?

Then one day you receive a message in your messenger from a person pretending to be a betting "professional" offering to buy a fixed bet. He sends statistics, prices and all the other fake information and looks for naive people who will trust the fake information to pay money for these 'fixes'. When several people are found, they are often sent different bets for the same match (e.g. one person gets a bet on team A, another on team B, so one of them wins anyway). Then the person who wins the bet will trust the "fixer" even more, or is he really getting this information? This is not the case in 100%, and no one with such secret information would go on social networks to find buyers by offering to buy a bet on an agreed match for a few tens of Euros.

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