Euroleague betting - what is the best betting strategy?

The Euroleague is one of the most popular and most watched basketball tournaments in Lithuania, surpassed only by the Olympics or FIBA tournaments. The Euroleague will be much more familiar to many basketball fans in Lithuania, which will make it much easier to implement your betting strategy. In this article, we will discuss the best ways to place Euroleague bets and how to get the most time and value out of each bet.

Euroleague bets

Betting - Euroleague, what are the best bets?

It is probably impossible to find a reliable betting company that doesn't have a Euroleague game. This competition is extremely popular in basketball betting, so finding good odds or the right company is easy. The Poker School has evaluated and recommends all bets and wagers on basketball on these websites:

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Euroleague betting is a hugely popular pastime and companies always pay close attention to the odds. If you want to bet optimally on both Euroleague and basketball, you need to know the best bet types, the best odds and information about the event itself. We will discuss information gathering later, but anyone who participates in Euroleague betting (or basketball in general) more often should have several different sources of information. The most common is of course the media, but specific websites (such as the Euroleague homepage or Basketnews) can provide much more objective statistics that will be useful for betting.

Zalgiris - bets, where to find the most important information?

Of course, every Lithuanian basketball fan usually associates the Euroleague with Zalgiris Kaunas. Many Lithuanian basketball fans follow and know the team well, which can automatically make it easier to place some bets and wagers.

At the same time, bets on Zalgiris should be placed with extra margin. Obviously, every Lithuanian basketball fan would like Zalgiris to win all the games, but it never happens. When betting on your favourite team, you need to be more careful that the emotions and feelings involved do not lead you to overestimate your ability and chances of winning.
In favour of the bettors, the Lithuanian media is following Zalgiris' performances in the Euroleague games very closely. Using the media and the opinions of other people who know basketball well, it is possible to find a lot of very useful information for betting.

Bets on Zalgiris

Betting on Zalgiris is probably the most popular betting area in Lithuania. Unfortunately, many newcomers rush to place their bets after seeing extremely high odds or getting caught up in the excitement. Sure, it's a fun way to have fun, but with a strong theoretical background, you can also make money from betting on Zalgiris.

The easiest way to protect your money and make good bets is to choose your events carefully. Advertisements often show extremely large 'kofis', but this is just marketing. The best bets on Zalgiris will always be those with odds between 1.8 and 2. These odds, although they may not seem so attractive, are profitable as Zalgiris and the opposing team will be fairly evenly matched.

For newcomers and less experienced bettors, it is recommended to choose only the winner of the event. The stakes will be lower, but by selecting the odds shown above and thinking about your choice, you can at least significantly reduce the chances of losing money, and sometimes even make a profit from betting.

Zalgiris - Laws

All betting and wagering information about Zalgiris Kaunas is available at Basketnews website. Basketnews also hosts all Euroleague team statistics, but it is only useful if you are planning to place bets on other teams.

Euroleague betting - how to bet optimally?

We recommend that everyone who uses a betting company takes a few preparatory steps and finds useful information about the upcoming matches. These steps will make all decisions easier and increase the chances of winning or protecting your betting money:

  1. Season statistics. Knowing the statistics of the teams and players should usually determine the type of bet or wager. Season statistics can be found at On the Euroleague page. On this page you can find everything related to matches, players or teams. The Euroleague even offers ratings (such as player value) itself, so you can often get a quick and easy overview of the betting potential of upcoming matches.
  2. Offers in companies. Different companies may, although not always, offer different odds for the same event. If you are registered with several companies at the same time, it is always advisable to take a look at what odds are offered and to see if there are any unused bonuses or bonuses with a particular company.
  3. Online betting tips. There are a number of websites on the internet that offer tips and predictions for specific events, tournaments or even seasons. You can find predictions for the Euroleague, the NBA or basketball in general Poker School Betting Predictions under. There is always free betting and wagering information available online, so it is essential to take advantage of it. Of course, always be careful to assess the accuracy and realism of the advice based on your own experience or that of other experienced players.
  4. Media articles. One of the most important sources of information is the media. It is easy to find columns dedicated to sport (especially basketball) on online portals. These portals can provide a wealth of useful information about the upcoming competition (e.g. coaches' or players' opinions, team preparation, etc.). The media becomes even more important when Lithuanian teams (or national teams) are playing, as portals such as 15min, Delfi and others follow the performances in the competition very closely and can provide a lot of useful critical information.

Having information, knowledge of betting and the right selection of events and odds still cannot guarantee victory. Even if you plan to bet professionally, it is recommended that you look at it as a more enjoyable pastime for a long time, watching your favourite basketball matches.

Euroleague structure - when to place bets?

Euroleague - bets
Euroleague structure

The Euroleague has its own specific structure. The tournament consists of 18 teams that play the regular season on a round robin basis - all play each other 2 times. From these teams, 8 remain and qualify for the play-offs. Quarter-finals, semi-finals and so on are played.
The Euroleague has contracts with specific teams for the benefit of bettors, so the tournament line-up is almost always the same (with the exception of teams that have won the Eurocup and other exceptions). The stability of the Euroleague, both in terms of teams and in terms of tournament composition, makes it very easy to place any bets, as it is easy to accumulate many years of experience in this field.

Each stage of the Euroleague has different theoretical possibilities. For example, in the earliest stages of the tournament (as soon as the group stage starts) the favourites may be more uncertain than in the later stages. Many teams buy new players, change their strategy or change the starting five, so the first few games can be unusual, with unexpected wins. For these reasons, it is not recommended to use betting companies at the very beginning of the Euroleague, unless you have the knowledge, experience and information to place these bets. In all sports, in all types of bets, the very first games of any tournament will be the most uncertain and therefore the risk will always be the highest.

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After the first group matches, we should start gathering information and monitoring the match favourites and the teams' new players. Often the newest players, even if they have played well in other tournaments or leagues, can be much worse than expected in the first few games for the new team. This is a very natural progression of playing in a new team, and after the first match it is to be expected that the newest players will start to play better. Bets can then be placed by evaluating the players' past statistics. Sometimes this evaluation can make it easier to place a bet or increase the likelihood of winning money from a bet.

Euroleague betting and the long-term outlook

If you want to bet often and win (or at least keep most of your money), you need a strategy. Blind betting will burn through all your betting money very quickly, so such betting is only suitable for those who just want to have a good time. Even these bettors will often find it more fun to increase their chances of winning and occasionally pick up a larger sum of money.

All betting is an information game, so gathering information about Euroleague teams, players and statistics is the most important part of betting. Even for those who enjoy betting as a pastime, it is advisable to gather information and make informed bets. However, it will always be much more fun to win, and even more so to win with confidence in your betting skills.

For those who want to stay in betting for as long as possible, the most important thing is to choose one sport and a good company. It is then in the best interest of each bettor to find out about the types of bets and the best odds, as all bets must be based on EV (Expected Value). Only after a careful assessment of the situation and the realisation that the bets could be +EV should one start thinking about the amount available for the bet. Finally, it is very important to understand the fact that there will always be variation. Betting is not stable, so sometimes, even if you choose the best odds, match, bet type and company, you can lose. This can happen several times or several times in a row, even for bettors who are very knowledgeable about the betting area or sport.

Euroleague betting and variation

Overcoming variation, of course, requires experience. Variance will not yet be felt in the first Euroleague bets, but long losing streaks can occur over time. This is the natural course of betting, but psychologically it may look different. The best way to withstand the psychological weight of losing money is to have strong financial management. In betting, you should always set aside a certain amount of money just for betting. This money must not be used for any other purpose. The same financial management needs to be implemented in everyday life. Money intended for paying bills, food or leisure activities should never be used for betting. If you start using money for everyday expenses as a "leaning out", you can very quickly get into huge financial problems. Finally, the most important tip for any gambling is never to use borrowed money. If you are short of money at one time or another, it is better to rebuild your betting base than to start borrowing from others.