7 must-see films for poker players

Hollywood, over its lifetime, has produced a huge variety of films on a wide range of subjects. Poker and casinos are no exception and have been the subject of numerous comedies, action films and dramas. In this article, we would like to introduce you to 7 films that are a must-watch if you play poker or if you are a big fan of the game and you haven't watched them before.
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The Cincinnati Kid (1965)

It's a story that any young and aspiring poker player could identify with. Based on the novel of the same name, the film follows the story of Eric Stoner (played by the legendary Steve McQueen), a young poker player of the 1930s. The man's ultimate goal is to become the best poker player, and he intends to do so by beating the best player with the nickname "The Man". Through dating, Erik arranges a match with his desired opponent. However, the protagonist suddenly discovers that one of the organisers of the match is trying to unfairly skew the victory in his favour because "The Man" once beat him badly at the poker table. Refusing the unfair help, the Cincinnati Kid sits down at the table to defeat his opponent by sheer talent and insight. This is a classic film that is more than 50 years old, but its visuals and story have held up really well.

Will The Kid beat his more experienced opponent? Take a look and see!

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Casino Royale (2006)

The twenty-first Bondiad film is quite well regarded and has even been called the best Bond film of the Craig era.

As the title suggests, the action takes place in a casino. More importantly, one action scene is even dedicated to a tense poker game. Casino Royale itself takes place at the beginning of James Bond's career as Agent 007. A British secret agent is searching for Le Chiffre, a world terrorist banker who is organising an ultra-high stakes poker match Casino Royale In Montenegro, where the money won would be used to fund terrorist activities. British intelligence MI6 sends its best agent to stop this evil. Throughout the action, actor Daniel Craig's character is accompanied by Vesper, a woman with whom the man falls in love. The agent finds himself at the poker table, but will he be able to stop the villain from carrying out his plan?  

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Maverick (1994)

This is one of the funniest and most colourful films revolving around poker. Starring Mel Gibson. His character, Bret Maverick, is an active gambler in the Wild West of America, who is constantly gorging himself on porridge. Bret Maverick's goal is to enter a huge poker tournament and prove once and for all that he is the best player. The prize money is no different.

In order to collect the money owed to him by others to cover the entry fee for the tournament, Maverick immediately runs into difficulties. Over the course of the film, Maverick encounters other con artists of a similar ilk, as well as a charming lady, Anabel, with whom he travels to the tournament. Eventually, the protagonist ends up on a steamship where the tournament is to take place. Will things turn in his favour, or will someone outwit the Wild West con man himself?

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Rounders (1998)

This film is considered one of Hollywood's finest works on poker. One of the characters, Mike McDermott, is a talented poker player. He loses all his money, as much as $30,000, playing Texas hold'em against a Russian gangster, "KGB", who runs an underground and illegal poker room. The guy can't take the hit and concentrates on his law studies and swears to his girlfriend not to play anymore. While digging himself out of trouble, he gets help from his mentor and starts working as a courier.

Things are going well and Mike is slowly getting back on his feet, but his friend, Lester "Worm" Murphy, is released from prison. By sitting, he has a large debt which he must repay within five days or face serious risks. Lester wants to cheat and win money dirty, but Mike insists on being honest. The boys wander all over New York and play at various tables in the hope of recovering the money they have borrowed.

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Ocean's Eleven (2001)

Another colourful film that may not be directly related to poker, but is great fun to watch for anyone interested in casinos or gambling. Denis Ausen is the main character in the film, who is released from prison on parole. As soon as he is released, the protagonist sets out to find old acquaintances and new friends in order to carry out his ambitious plan to rob the Las Vegas casino vault of casino tycoon, Terry Benedict. Three of the gambling capital's biggest casinos (the Mirage, the Bellagio and the Mirage) share a common vault and the long-suffering thieves simply can't let an opportunity like this slip by. Having devised a highly sophisticated and precise plan, Denis Auchen and ten of his siblings (the Auchen Eleven) get to work!

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Casino (1995)

This is a very famous film by the director M.Scorseses work. The film has received very high praise from critics and audiences. It revolves around Sam "Ace" Rothstein, a semi-gangster manager of a Las Vegas casino, a Jewish New Yorker living in Vegas. He was appointed to run the casino at the behest of the mafia that runs it. With his deep understanding of the gambling business, he is ideally suited for the job, as he overlooks the fact that the criminal world, through the casino washes the one or two million they need. The film revolves around the criminal world's connection to gambling in the USA at that time. You can see how gangsters struggle to find personal happiness while having to be cold-blooded and ruthless in the workplace.

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21 (2008m.)

Every poker player has probably thought about what the protagonist in this film was trying to do. How do you find a formula or a strategy to never lose in a casino? And how to use that formula to your advantage?

That is the purpose of the character in 21. The protagonist, Ben Campbell, is a young, intelligent student at MIT, a prestigious US university. Ben wants to be successful and is desperate to transfer to Harvard Medical School, but he needs $300 000 to do so, because that is how much it costs to study at Harvard. For a guy from a poor family, that is unaffordable. But luck is on his side. Suddenly, he meets a strange maths teacher and his closed club of students. In this club, the tutor teaches them strategies and tricks for counting cards at Blackjack table and lap the casino. Although at the beginning he just wants to earn enough to pay for his studies, as time goes on, the student starts to struggle with greed.

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