The way to the subconscious, improving your game

The way to the subconscious, improving your game

Last week's article probably sounded a bit pessimistic. But it's not all bad. They probably don't want to let go of control so easily, which is a good sign. Do you want to get better at poker? Do you want to be the best? Then you need to have a good grasp of these facts so that you can move beyond them and move on. Stop identifying yourself as your consciousness as much as possible. You are more than that. You are the totality of your mind, consciousness is only the messenger and negotiator. The essential goal now is to influence our subconscious mind with all the tools we have to develop our skills as a poker player. This training and influence is under the control of the conscious mind. After all, consciousness is the only part of us that we can control. And while it is very good at coping with the immediate environment, influencing the subconscious is a more difficult task.

Hopes, desires and expectations are wonderful things, but the subconscious mind doesn't care about them. The neural networks connected to the subconscious will continue to carry on with the "work" they have started, usually in conflict with the goals of the conscious mind. The conscious mind wants to change us, but it can't; it can only influence external things. This is the essence of misconstrued goals. The player is confused in thinking that the conscious mind can influence both external circumstances and the subconscious mind.

So, basically, we can't influence ourselves directly, but we still want to become professionals. So, what do we do? We bypass the whole system.

Instead of expecting conscious thoughts to change the subconscious mind by themselves, you have to go around the way. For example, by involving your environment, which you can change in the direction you want to improve your subconscious mind. Therefore, conscious self-education in poker, as elsewhere, must mediate with the subconscious mind through the environment. Create an environment that encourages you to grow and you will see positive results. Trying to force oneself to grow by conscious force alone usually results in failure.

The metaphor of Ghost in the shell is quite fitting here. But like all ghosts, the consciousness is not always awake, it only appears at certain times and under certain circumstances. By creating an environment that reinforces our goals, we can create a messenger for our conscious intentions - a ghost for another ghost, who will be present, forming new schemes in the subconscious when our consciousness is gone.

So the first step is to change your environment so that it encourages growth. The second is to try to understand the whole system of the mind, not only the conscious mind (which is quickly accessible through self-study) but also the subconscious mind. You have to examine your subconscious habits, tendencies, fears and all the weakest parts of your game with determination and sincerity.

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