What can I buy for lunch in Cambodia?


Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, as has become customary, I am again late with my report. So this week was a bad one in terms of play, I played very little, but as usual I have a bunch of excuses to make, I had to get my visas in order, I played live tournaments where I met some people who organise poker tournaments in Sihanoukville, and they mentioned that there will be some more expensive tournaments from December onwards, which is a very, very good thing given the field here in the city. Now, briefly, why the title of today's report. So yesterday afternoon I was planning to go and have a look around and probably buy a scooter, because having a vehicle here would save me money and, more importantly, you can go wherever you want to go at any time without having to worry about whether you are going to be able to catch any transport in the suburbs at 5am, because I don't know if there is such a thing as phoning a taxi here. But I don't really like the scooters here, they're all so spiritless, it's like driving a toyota prius in Lithuania. So while sitting and having lunch I saw a "birbal" that caught my eye and I shouted out asking who the owner was, immediately one European raised his hand, the second question was whether he was selling and I got a positive answer, so without waiting we shook hands and said that he was giving it away for 220 baksas (he asked for 250), and 15 minutes later he was in my yard. But even more interesting is the fact that I have never driven a two-wheeled motor vehicle in my life, and with Cambodian traffic like this, learning to drive is really challenging. By the way, here you need a licence for motorcycles and scooters, but in any case a European licence is not suitable, and they mentioned that if you are stopped by the police they will ask you for 10 dollars for driving without a licence, but they said that you should always give 2 baht and that would be enough. As for the challenge schedule, since I didn't play much last week, although there were a few deepukas that I did well on the two tables, I'll put the schedule in next week's report, because the current schedule is practically the same as the last one. So that's it for now, if anyone is interested, write and ask 😉