Week 1 - 7 final tables!

So, the results of the first week's final tables are: 2e deepstack 1vt-200e, 2e deepstack 7vt-17e, 2e deepstack 8vt-20e, 3r 5vt-326e, 5e PSKO 1vt-293e, 5e KO 2nd and 3rd place-80e and 50e and a non-FT monster stack of 6 max 7vt-70e. Also a note, if you are starting with a very small bankroll, I would advise you to play in the first half of the day, because the micro stakes players are not different in the evening and during the day, but because of the smaller amount of players you will have smaller swings, which is a real advantage with a small bankroll.