Poker Tournaments in Lithuania (30 January - 05 February 2017)


Sports poker


This week the Sports Poker Club The Two Kings are moving to new premises! To celebrate their opening, they are launching a five-day tournament with the grand prize of a chance to compete against the best poker masters PokerStars National Championship Barcelona August 16-21, 2017.

01-02-2017 (Wednesday) 18:30 KK MOVES TO K12 1A 

Thursday 02/02/2017 18:30 KK MOVES TO K12 1B

2017-02-03 (Friday) 18:30 KK MOVES TO K12 1C

2017-02-04 (Saturday) 15:00 KK MOVES TO K12 2 DAY

05/02/2017 (Sunday) 15:00 KK MOVES TO K12 FINAL

05/02/2017 (Sunday) 17:00 NFL SUNDAY VI

All days will have distributors.


A 10-round series to win a trip to Europe's Las Vegas - Rozvadov in the Czech Republic. There you will play a tournament with a €100,000 guarantee fund. You can play in the Czech Republic from the age of 18. You will travel together with Poker House TEAM and other poker players from Lithuania. There will be two qualifying rounds this week and the entry fee is only 8 EUR. "Poker House tournaments and start times:

2017-02-02 (Thursday) 19:00 Czech'mania Round V

2017-02-03 (Friday) 19:00 Czech'mania Round VI

2017-02-05 (Sunday) 18:00 Knockout Tournaments Round IV

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"Aces of Paradise tournaments next week (Monday and Tuesday 1st place package to the Fisherman's Challenge 2017 Main Event, Wednesday 1st and 2nd place packages to the Fisherman's Challenge 2017 Main Event):

31-01-2017 (Tuesday) 18:00 Satellite to the Fisherman's Challenge 2017 Main Event

2017-02-01 (Wednesday) 18:00 Satellite to the Fisherman's Challenge 2017 Main Event

2017-02-02 (Thursday) LUCKY 7 Ranking Tournament Round 1 of 7

2017-02-03 (Friday) Day 1 tournament "FIVE DAYS OF FATHERHOOD"

2017-02-04 (Saturday) Day 1 tournament "HEAD HUNTING"


2017-01-31 (Tuesday) 18:00 Win the button

2017-02-01 (Wednesday) 18:00 Turbo double chance

Thursday, 02/02/2017 18:00 Free Poker Boss 8/12

2017-02-03 (Friday) 18:00 Czech, mania 4/4

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Commercial poker

Nese Klaipėda

carried by

2017-01-31 (Tuesday) 19:00 Buy'in 10(10K) +3 Re'buys anytime 120min + Ad'don (20K).

2017-02-01 (Wednesday) 19:00 Buy'in 20(15K) +2 Re'buys(20K) anytime 120min.

2017-02-02 (Thursday) 19:00 FREEZEOUT 30(25K) Re-entries 180min.

2017-02-03 (Friday) 17:00 TURBO FREEZEOUT 30(25K) Re-entries 120min.

2017-02-04 (Saturday) 16:00 FREEZEOUT 25(30K) Re-entries 180min.

2017-02-05 (Sunday) 18:00 TURBO FREEZEOUT 20(20K) Re-entries 120min.

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