This week's poker tournaments in Lithuania

Two Kings freeroll

Sports poker 


This week we start with the capital's sports poker club "Du Karaliai".

This time we have our eye on a free tournament that will take place on Tuesday 17 January. It's a great opportunity for newcomers to poker to get acquainted with the game and play a free tournament! Although the tournament is free, the winners of places 1-3 will win real prizes, and players who finish between 10%. The top places, which are not awarded prizes, will receive a free pass (free play in other tournaments).

Tournaments and start times.

01.17 TuesdayFreeroll start time: 19:00 (Recommended by

01.18 Wednesday - OlyBet Wednesdays start time: 19:00

01.19 Thursday - FREEZOUT start time: 19:00

01.20 Friday FRIDAY BIG start time: 19:00

More info on their website:


Next, let's head to the Poker House sports poker club in Klaipėda.

They are continuing their 10-tour series where you can Win a trip to Europe's Las Vegas - Rozvadov in the Czech Republic. You will play a tournament with a guarantee fund of €100 000. You can play in the Czech Republic from the age of 18. You will be together with Poker House TEAM and other poker players from Lithuania.

There will be one qualifying round this week, the entry fee is only 8€.


"Poker House tournaments and start times:

Thursday (2017 - 01 - 19) - Czech mania Stage IV Start time 19:00 (Recommended by

Friday (2017 - 01 - 20) - Trip to Riga start time 19:00

Saturday  (2017 - 01 -21) - Freeroll Start time 18:00

Sunday (2017-01-22) - Knockout Stage III start time 18:00

More info on their FaceBook page: PokerHouse


Next, let's head to Kaunas, to the Rojaus Aces sports poker club.

The most exciting and biggest tournament is on Thursday 19 January. The bar account is only 4+4 (with possible re-buys), and the prizes are really impressive for such a bar account:

1st place - PDA (Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (2016) SM-T585 16GB 4G White) + 50 EUR. "At the expense of the Paradise Aces bar

2nd prize - EUR 200. VALUE PRIZE (100 EUR. SELECTED PRIZE + 100 EUR. "Paradise Aces" GIFT COUPON)

3rd place - EUR 100. GIFT COUPON for "Rojaus Aces"


All tournaments start at 18:00. Late registration until 22:00

Tournament schedule. More info by clicking on each tournament:

Monday (2017 - 01 - 16) - Tournament "1 Euro"

Tuesday (2017 - 01 - 17) - Tournament "BIG"

Wednesday (2017 - 01 - 18) - Win The Button Tournament

Thursday (2017 - 01 - 19) - Poker FISH Tournament (Recommended by

More info on their FaceBook page: Aces of Paradise

Commercial poker

Starting this week, we'll be taking a look not only at sports poker clubs, but also at Lithuanian casinos that host poker games. This time we'll focus on Klaipėda region.


The nail in the coffin for Nessie's Fun Bank this week is their once-a-month Saturday Tournament. Priced at €150, the tournament is well structured with a good starting stack, so the prizes will be really good.

Nese Entertainment Bank
MONDAY 19.00 Buy'in 15(15K)+2 Rebuy(15K)anytime+addon(25K)120min.
TUESDAY 19.00 Buy'in 10(10K) +3 Re'buys anytime 120min + Ad'don (20K)
WEDNESDAY 19.00 Buy'in 20(15K) +2 Re'buys(20K) anytime 120min.
THURSDAY 19.00  FREEZEOUT 30(25K) Re-entries 180min.
FRIDAY 17.00  TURBO FREEZEOUT 30(25K) Re-entries 120min.
SATURDAY 16.00 SATURDAY DEEP STACK BUYIN 150 (30K) 30min LVLS (Recommended by
SUNDAY 18.00 TURBO FREEZEOUT 20(20K) Re-entries 120min.

More information:  On the Nese Group page