Skrill (known as Moneybookers until 2011) is a huge company that enables millions of its customers to make fast and secure payments online. It has won numerous awards as one of the fastest growing businesses in the UK. Its main selling point is cheap international transfers. When Skrill was bought in 2015 by its biggest rivals at the time, the Paysafe Group, which owns NETELLER, they became a near-joint online payments ecosystem. Since then, it has become even more convenient to make payments around the world. Perhaps the biggest difference the merger has made for Skrill users is the convenience of payments Skrill casinos sector. It is only recently that Skrill has become a very popular and affordable way to top up your casino wallet. What else is there to know about Skrill and casinos?

Skrill casinos online

Skrill online casinos - which companies accept Skrill in 2020?

General information about Skrill casino offers

At least in Europe, it is one of the largest online payment companies. You can use your wallet to top up your account at almost any Lithuanian or foreign casino. Transfers are credited instantly, without waiting or paying commissions (usually). However, be aware that Skrill top-ups are rarely suitable Welcome bonus. This makes it the top-up method of choice for existing players, while first-time players are probably better off using a bank or credit card top-up.

Lithuanian gaming operators that accept payments and make withdrawals via Skrill

You can use this wallet to fund your accounts at most Lithuanian casinos. A trend can be observed that most gambling operators that accept Skrill almost always also accept NETELLER. There are exceptions (e.g., Olybet only Skrill is available, but NETELLER is not).

Here are the gambling companies that genuinely accept Skrill and have the best discount offers for new players. Don't forget that you need to use an e-banking account or a bank card for the newcomer offer. Skrill e-wallet is more suitable for existing players or for repeat deposits.


General Manager of the Lithuanian Basketball League (LKL) sponsor Betsafe accepts payments from Skrill. It's instant and no additional steps are required. If you haven't opened an account with Betsafe yet, please click here and take advantage of the free spins and first deposit bonus!


The casino advertised by the tandem of Mantas Katler and Stonkus accepts payments from this wallet. Everything with Skrill top-ups is very simple and works identically as if you were making a payment from a regular bank account or with a payment card. Optibet offer for newcomers.


Uniclub Casino players can also conveniently use Skrill wallets to fund their accounts. Loads of slots and free spins giveaways - click here.

Other gambling operators and important information

We also have a number of other gambling operators in Lithuania. Most of them do serve online wallets. However, you should always check before registering with any of our unlisted gambling houses, as you may find yourself in an unpleasant situation where you have provided your personal details but you are unable to top up your Skrill wallet account.

It is also important to note that some casinos may only accept deposits from your online wallet, but will only pay out winnings to your bank account. Again, these situations are certainly rare, but you should read the rules to avoid them altogether. If a casino is not on the lists we have mentioned, you'd better take the time to check the rules and get some reliable information about its licences, security and reliability.

Foreign Skrill casinos 

Although Skrill is quite popular in Lithuania, most of its customers are from abroad (especially Western Europe). As a result, almost all gambling operators registered in the UK or Western Europe accept Skrill payments.

The conditions for payment are exactly the same as in Lithuania. The same restrictions on welcome bonus, transfers are just as fast, deposits and withdrawals are free of fees, and you can use it worldwide. All in all, Skrill is the perfect payment solution for active casino players who want to find a fast, secure and easy solution to top up their gaming account.

Skrill casinos

Key Skrill casino pluses

Skrill online casinos plus #1 - speed

In total, Skrill has more than 40 million customers worldwide. Among the biggest advantages the platform can offer them is speed. Transfers and payments with Skrill walks Super fast, so deposits are credited very quickly and you don't have to wait for confirmations or for funds to be credited.

Plus #2 - easy to use

Skrill will be very easy to use. Registration is super fast and payments can be made from your smartphone app or from the comfort of your computer. Depositing at the casino is also easy, as everything works identically to other payment platforms. You follow the on-screen instructions and top up your account instantly.

Plus #3 - safe

Skrill uses advanced encryption to protect your data and that of all other users. It will also use two-factor authentication technology to make every transfer smooth, secure and simple. Skrill does not transmit any data to the casino, it only makes the payment, further reducing the likelihood of any security vulnerabilities.

Plus #4 - versatile and works worldwide

Skrill is available in 200+ countries and can hold and transfer funds in up to 50 different currencies. Whether you choose to top up your casino wallet on the go or from home, you can use Skrill to deposit funds and enjoy spins, bets or other casino fun.

Skrill casino

Are there any downsides to Skrill payments at casino companies?

It would be a bit biased to mention only the pros of the platform without highlighting the cons. We want to make sure that Pokeriomokykla readers get all the useful information they need, so we'll also highlight Skrill's biggest drawbacks when it comes to making a deposit and topping up your casino wallet, or when it comes to withdrawing funds.

Skrill casino minus #1 - taxes

The biggest stumbling block in Skrill's garden is the high cashout fees. For example, if you don't have a Skrill Mastercard, the only way to withdraw money is to transfer it to your bank account. Withdrawing cash from an ATM with a Skrill Card costs 1.75% of the amount (for non-VIP members), €1.80 (for Bronze VIP members) or is free (if you are a GOLD VIP member or higher). It's a bit embarrassing that a transfer to a bank account at any bank costs €5.50 and the minimum withdrawal amount is €10. However, the biggest downside is for VISA card holders, because if they decide to withdraw their winnings from Skrill to a VISA credit card, they will have to pay a fee of 7.5% on the total amount withdrawn.

There is also occasionally a "cash advance" fee, which is charged by gambling companies if you fund your account from a Skrill wallet. This is not Skrill's responsibility and is charged by the casino, not Skrill itself.

Minus #2 - almost impossible to use Welcome, rookie bonuses

The second downside for Skrill wallet holders is the restriction on the Welcome Bonus. Due to the very strict anti-money laundering and "Know Your Customer" (KYC or "Know Your Customer") laws that apply almost everywhere in the EU and the rest of the Western world Know Your Customer) requirements, casinos simply cannot accept the first payment from virtual, electronic wallets. It is therefore very important to read the terms and conditions and it is better never to make a first payment from Skrill and to use a bank account or a credit card, unless the terms and conditions explicitly say otherwise.

What do I need to know about Skrill casino deposits?

Skrill online casinoFor Skrill Casino Bonuses and Welcome Bonus

As we have already mentioned, Skrill (as well as NETELLER and other virtual wallets) is almost always unsuitable for newcomer bonus offers. If you are careless and make your first payment from Skrill, you will miss out on the chance to receive free spins or a cash bonus.

On the other hand, we have a number of gambling houses that offer exclusive offers to users who deposit money into their account using Skrill Wallet. Such offers are not very common and are much more likely to be found in foreign casinos, but by reading the terms and conditions and checking the information provided by the casinos themselves, you will be able to find them in Lithuania.

Customer Service - the highest level

Customer service - top level. You can expect help around the clock - 24/7. As a rule, problems with the payment platform itself are rare. However, the Skrill page provides detailed information FAQ section, where you'll probably find the answer to your question. Alternatively, you can contact the staff by phone or email. The staff is available in English.

Additional details

Skrill deposits and withdrawals are subject to a number of restrictions in casinos. Here's an example - you will only be able to deposit more than €30 but less than €200. In this case, you can withdraw between €50 and €300 or so. Although this is just an example, in reality, e-wallet payers are often subject to quite significant restrictions on deposits and withdrawals.

As for the speed of the transfer itself, it is the same as with bank transfers. It all depends on the gambling operator, but the process usually takes up to 48 hours. Well, it also takes 3-5 working days to get funds from your Skrill wallet to your bank account.

We recommend you also take a look at VIP programme and Knect! Programme offers. Skrill VIP members enjoy lower commissions, higher payment limits, even more attention from our staff, exclusive offers and extra payment security. Active Skrill VIP members will also receive offers to enjoy exclusive experiences during entertainment and events (best seats in stadiums, access to exclusive locations, etc.). Becoming a Skrill VIP member is simply a matter of making a large number of payments with your Skrill Wallet:

  •   Bronze status - deposit €6000+ per quarter;
  •   Silver status - deposit €15,000+ per quarter
  •   Gold status - deposit €45,000+ per quarter;
  •   Diamond status - deposit €90,000+ per quarter.

There is also a Skrill Prepaid Mastercard, which makes it easier to withdraw your winnings. If you have a turnover of a few thousand euros a month, it's definitely worth taking out this card, as it will save you hundreds of euros that would normally go as fees to Skrill itself.

Skrill Knect is a loyalty programme (like the Maxima Thank You Card). The more you use Skrill, the more Knect points you earn. You can exchange these points for cash or other rewards. In this case, you will get even more benefits from Skrill over time.

Skrill casinos

How do I get started with Skrill and get the most out of it?

Registering on the Skrill platform is very simple. It only takes a few minutes to sign up and then you only need to confirm your identity to enjoy the full benefits of this payment platform.

  •     Go to the Skrill website and click "Register"
  •     Please provide your personal details (name, surname, country of residence, account currency, email, password)
  •     Accept the terms of service and complete your registration.


Once you have followed these steps, you will have created your virtual Skrill wallet. And although it is already active and can be accessed, an inactive Skrill wallet with an unverified identity is of little use, as you simply won't be able to make payments or transfer funds. In order to fully use Skrill, you need to complete the registration process and deposit funds into your online wallet. Once you have started the account verification process, you will need to enter:

  •       Your residential address (you will need to confirm this by activating the location feature on your smartphone or uploading a document to prove your address);
  •       Postcode;
  •       Date of birth;
  •       Mobile phone number

Once you have entered these details, you will receive an SMS with a confirmation code on your phone. You will need to enter this code in the Skrill app and website and complete the remaining steps to complete the registration process. As with NETELLER, after this step, your Skrill account must have at least one deposit method linked to the virtual wallet. Therefore, after registration, you would need to top up your Skrill wallet from your bank card, bank account or other payment method. There are dozens of ways to do this.

Once everything is in place and registration is complete, you can move on to the gambling companies and confidently fund your account using the Skrill virtual wallet.

Contributions and payments

Skrill wallets are one of the fastest ways to withdraw winnings from casinos. Winnings are usually paid into your Skrill Wallet within 24 hours (overseas), but in rare cases the payout time can extend up to 3-5 working days. As e-wallets are still not considered an equivalent to a bank account or a credit card, the gambling operator may require additional identification to withdraw larger amounts. Don't be scared and send the necessary documents. The payment itself usually takes a while to process and validate, because once the gambling operator does it, the money is instantly deposited into your Skrill account.

Skrill online casinos - maximum value and Skrill casino bonuses

Players with high working capital will see the maximum benefits of Skrill and other e-wallets. Being a Skrill VIP member can save not only hundreds, but possibly more than a thousand euros each year in fees that would normally be spent on cash withdrawals or other Skrill transactions.

Skrill casino bonuses

Skrill wallets are supported by most gambling operators in Lithuania and the rest of the world, so you will have no problem finding where and how to deposit from Skrill. Don't forget that there may be exclusive offers with Skrill for existing casino players, but finding a newcomer bonus is almost impossible., but kSome casino bonus offers are specifically for Skrill wallet users. Of course, be careful, as there are not many of these offers, and be sure to read the terms and conditions.

Interesting facts about Skrill 

  •       Founded in July 2001, the company is older than Facebook or Twitter.
  •       It is currently part of the Paysafe Group, which owns the Skrill, NETELLER and paysafecard brands. In 2015, Paysafe Group acquired Skrill for €1.1 billion;
  •       Bis headquartered in London, United Kingdom;
  •       Currently, you can pay at as many as 15 000 different online shops;
  •       As of May 2020, Skrill is a major sponsor and payment solutions partner of AC Milan, one of the world's biggest football clubs;
  •       According to the latest data, Skrill has over 40 million unique users.

Important information about Skrill online casinos and withdrawals

In addition to the general facts about Skrill as a company and a brand, it is important to highlight the service features that are relevant to each customer:

  •       Skrill and online wallet services are most convenient when you are an active player and have one month in your account download a really big amount of money. Activating the VIP and Knect. loyalty programmes has really saved a lot of money. Otherwise, it is very expensive to keep cashing in your bank account.
  •       Transfers between Skrill accounts are instantaneous, but withdrawals to your bank account can take up to 5 working days.
  •       Overall, Skrill is a versatile and popular payment wallet that specialises in servicing casinos and gambling companies.

Skrill online casinos

Brief, summarised information about Skrill 

We've looked at all the things you should know about Skrill before you start using it. It is probably the most popular e-wallet on our continent and around the world. Millions of active poker and casino players use Skrill, and some even see it as the main alternative to bank cards and payments. Use Skrill if you are an active casino player - very it pays.

Due to relatively high transaction and withdrawal fees, Skrill is most profitable when working capital is high. The benefits of becoming a VIP and loyalty member are huge. On the other hand, the speed of payments and transfers is very pleasing. Skrill is one of the fastest payment platforms, so choose Skrill casinos: