Week 2 - €1000 threshold crossed

challenge results 04.25

Rules for flooring:

1. 100 tournaments per week (barring any emergencies or travel).

2. Turn off Skype, Facebook and do not use the phone during the floor.

3. Focus on long-term results, not short-term.

4. With more than 4 tables, play on a monitor (unless I'm somewhere with just a laptop).

5. Understand that you can't win a tournament in one hand.

6. Watch your own or your students' hh at least 2 times a week (one of them must be your own).

And the results of the weekly deepstack: 3r 12vt - 52eur, 5e deepstack - 3vt 70eur .

And next week, as promised, there will be a recording of a mid or early stage game.