knockout festival


On July 26th, the first ever knockout festival in Lithuania will start. This tournament series will run for a full week, during which 4 tournaments will be played at the Olympic Poker Club, with buy-ins ranging from €77 to €220. And for every trainer that is discarded, you will receive a double bonus. All coaches are scheduled to attend the festival, so it's a great opportunity not only to earn double money for their discards, but also to meet everyone live.

All coaches will have distinctive branding, making it easy to distinguish them in the game. The following coaches promise to participate in the series:

Gytis Lažauninkas "The Peledazhman"


Gycis specialises in online MTT tournaments. One of the youngest and most talented players in Lithuania, he just turned 21 this year. Gytis' online poker winnings have already surpassed €200,000. Although he only turned 21 this year, Gytis already has two live wins to his credit. One of them was the first place prize in the main event of the Eurasian Poker Tour in Minsk, Belarus. The second trophy from a poker tournament series in Latvia.

Zigmas Pekarskas "Brilijant"


Just a few days ago, he returned from Las Vegas, USA, where he took part in the WSOP, the world's biggest poker series. Zigmas is well-known in the Lithuanian poker community, currently specialising in live poker games, with a strong focus on travelling the world and raising the profile of poker in Lithuania. Zigmas also has many wins in Lithuanian poker series.

Marius Abelkis "Mariez"

Marius abelkis

Marius only started to take a serious interest in poker 2 years ago, and his winnings have already reached 30,000$. A former student of Zigmas "Brilijant", then Gytis "peledazmogis", he is now sharing his knowledge and experience with others. Currently working on the 1000$ to 10 000$ challenge with, playing MTT tournaments.

Martynas Steponavičius "Martynaos"

Martynas Steponavičius

A few months ago, a new coach Martynas Steponavičius joined He specializes in low buy-in MTTs and 180 person turbo Sit n Go tournaments.

Gediminas Gefenas "RoundMidnight"

Gediminas Gefen

Gediminas has been playing cash games online for more than 4 years. He has been actively involved in poker training for the last 2 years. Focusing on GTO (game-theory optimal) construction of various ranges and situations. Additionally working with SimplePostflop, Poker Tracker 4 and Pokerstartegy Equilab. Playing and teaching Texas Holdem up to NL100.

"Schedule of the Knockout Festival:

  • Tuesday 26 July, 18:00
  • knockout warm-up. Re-entry.
  • Buy-in - 50+20+7 (total €77).
  • The starting amount of chips is 10 000.
  • Exactly - 30 minutes.
  • Wednesday 27 July, 18:00
  • Turbo Knockout. Re-entry.
  • Buy-in - 75+25+10 (total €110).
  • The starting chip amount is 25000.
  • Exactly - 15 minutes.
  • Thursday 28 July, 18:00
  • Super Knockout. Re-entry.
  • Buy-in - 75+75+15 (total €165).
  • The starting chip amount is 12000.
  • Exactly - 30 minutes.
  • Friday 29 July, 18:00
  • Main Event Knockout Day 1. Re-entry.
  • Buy-in - 150+50+20 (total €220).
  • The initial chip stack is 25000.
  • Exactly - 40 minutes.
  • Saturday, 30 July, 16:00
  • Main Event Knockout FINAL.
  • Exactly 40 minutes later.