Poker tournaments in Lithuania (13 - 19 February 2017)


Sports poker

Vilnius - Two Kings

02.14 Tuesday 19:00 Freeroll  - free tournament.

02.15 Wednesday 19:00 Wednesday Hot - features longer levels and more valuable prizes than on other weekdays.

02.17 Friday 19:00 Friday Big - Friday is a time to celebrate, and the best celebration is when there are still great prizes to be won - winner's choice of a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7′, a holiday at TonyResort, a €100 ticket to Olympic Casino, a €100 club gift voucher. 

Enjoy WINGO wings all day long!! For more information on tournaments.

Klaipeda - Poker House

02.16 Thursday 16:00 Czech'mania X stage

02.17 Friday 19:00 Freeroll

02.18 Saturday 18:00 BOOM!!! BIG GAME  the grand prize package (hotel buy-in) to the LARGEST EUROPEAN POKER CLUB in the Czech Republic Rozvadov. Where you will play a tournament with a guarantee fund of €100,000. You can play in the Czech Republic from the age of 18. You will go together with Poker House TEAM and other poker players from Lithuania. We will leave a day early to walk around Prague, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

02.19 Sunday 18:00 Knockout Tournaments Round VI

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boom big game

Kaunas - Aces of Paradise

The Paradise Aces Winter Cup 2017 kicks off with the first days of the tournament on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

02.13 Monday 18:00 Freezeout tournament

02.14 Tuesday 18:00 "BIG POKER LOVE" tournament

02.15 Wednesday 18:00 Roy's Aces Winter Cup 2017 (DAY 1A)

02.16 Thursday 18:00 Tournament "Lucky 7"

02.17 Friday 18:00 Roy's Aces Winter Cup 2017 (DAY 1B)

02.18 Saturday 18:00 Roy's Aces Winter Cup 2017 (DAY 1C)

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Šiauliai - Poker players

02.13 Monday 18:00 Free Poker Boss 11/12 - This is a series of FREE sports poker tournaments consisting of 12 tournaments and one final. 1 to 3 tournaments per week. All tournaments are ranked, with the best 4 tournaments played by each player counting towards the ranking.After 12 tournaments, the top 20 players in the ranking will play in the series finals. The starting chip amounts for the finals will depend on your position in the rankings.

02.14 Tuesday 18:00 Valen Tinas - A friendly tournament in the warm surroundings of your own Poker Club. For two people, couples will only have to pay for one buy-in.

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Commercial poker

Nese Klaipėda

02.13 Monday 19:00 Buy'in 15(15K)+2 Rebuy(15K)anytime+addon(25K)120min.

02.14 Tuesday 19:00 Buy'in 10(10K) +3 Re'buys anytime 120min + Ad'don (20K)

02.15 Wednesday 18:00 VIP POKER Buy'in 100(10k) unlimited rebuys + addon (20K). VIP tournaments in vipe with special treats, expected pot 5000eur, max 20 people.

02.15 Wednesday 19:00 KNOCKOUT 40(20000) 120min.Re-Entries.10 BOUNTY

02.16 Thursday 19:00  FREEZEOUT 30(25K) Re-entries 180min.

02.17 Friday 17:00  TURBO FREEZEOUT 30(25K) Re-entries 120min.

02.18 Saturday 16:00 SATURDAY DEEP STACK BUYIN 150 (30K) 30min LVLS

02.19 Sunday 18:00 TURBO FREEZEOUT 20(20K) Re-entries 120min.

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