Poker tournaments in Lithuania (07 February - 12 February 2017)

Big game carries

Commercial poker

Nese Klaipėda

This week the Nessie Poker Club will host "BIG GAMEmost popular tournament of the month In Klaipėda, which will last 3 days, the winner of the tournament will be awarded a trophy.

2017-02-07 (Tuesday) 19:00 Buy'in 10(10K) +3 Re'buys anytime 120min + Ad'don (20K).

2017-02-08 (Wednesday) 19:00 KNOCKOUT 40(20k) 120min.Re-Entries.10 BOUNTY.

2017-02-09 (Thursday) 19:00 FREEZEOUT 30(25K) Re-entries 180min.

10/02/2017 (Friday) 16:00 CARRIES BIG GAME DAY A BUYIN 60 (50K).

11/02/2017 (Saturday) 16:00 NESE BIG GAME DAY B BUYIN 60 (50K).

12/02/2017 (Sunday) 14:00 NESE BIG GAME FINAL DAY.

2017-02-12 (Sunday) 18:00 TURBO FREEZEOUT 20(20K) Re-entries 120min.

2017-02-13 (Monday) 19:00 Buy'in 15(15K)+2 Rebuy(15K) anytime + addon(25K) 120min.

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Sports poker

Klaipeda - "Poker House"

A 10-round series to win a trip to Europe's Las Vegas - Rozvadov in the Czech Republic. There you will play a tournament with a €100,000 guarantee fund. You can play in the Czech Republic from the age of 18. You will travel together with Poker House TEAM and other poker players from Lithuania. There will be three qualifying rounds this week and the entry fee is only €8. "Poker House tournaments and start times:

2017-02-09 (Thursday) 19:00 Czech'mania Round VII

2017-02-10 (Friday) 19:00 Czech'mania Round VIII

11-02-2017 (Saturday) 18:00 Czech'mania Round IX

12-02-2017 (Sunday) 18:00 Knockout Tournaments Round V

More information on their Facebook page.


Vilnius - "Du Karaliai"


2017-02-07 (Tuesday) 19:00 Freeroll

Wednesday 08 February 2017 19:00 Freeroll

2017-02-09 (Thursday) 19:00 Thursday Hot - The tournament features longer levels and more valuable prizes than on other weekdays.

2017-02-10 (Friday) 19:00 Friday Big – Win a valuable prize - a Samsung Galaxy Tab, a voucher from Akropolis or another prize of your choice.

11/02/2017 (Saturday) 16:00 Carlsberg Team Corporate League - form teams and prove you're the best! Valuable prizes!

Enjoy WINGO wings all day long!! Tournament information. 

Kaunas - "Aces of Paradise"

2017-02-07 (Tuesday) 18:00 Tournament "BIG".

1st prize - 100 Eur. VALUE PRIZE FOR THE WINNER + 50 Eur. "Rojaus Aces" bar account + FREE PASS
2nd place - 80 Eur. "Rojaus Aces" gift voucher
3rd place - 40 Eur. At the expense of the "Rojaus Aces" bar
4th place - WEEKLY FREE PASS
5th place - 10 Eur. "Rojaus Aces" bar account + FREE PASS

Win a BANK with AA (wine, heart) - a surprise from the bar.

There is no further information on the other tournaments this week, "Aces of Paradise" FaceBook.