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There is no shortage of online poker rooms (both Lithuanian and foreign) these days. There are many poker rooms with different offers. The internet is full of places offering different formats, bonuses, bonuses, rakeback systems. How do I choose which are the best poker rooms? In this article, we will discuss this and give you all the examples of which are the best poker rooms both in Lithuania and abroad. 

Online Poker - formats

First of all, the choice of an online poker room can be heavily influenced by the format on offer. The best poker rooms are always those that offer the format you want. Those who want to play Texas Hold 'Em No Limit Cash or MTT will usually have no problem finding the right poker room, as these are the most popular formats. MTT and Cash offerings can be found in almost all rooms (sometimes, perhaps, there may be very small rooms that only offer Cash). Sit N' Go, Spin N' Go and other online poker formats can be a little harder to find.

Online poker

Sit N' Go is usually in abundance, but there are many different versions of the format, so there may be a field for everyone. For example, HUSNG, which was very popular before Spin N' Go, is now no longer getting enough attention in many rooms to be a profitable game. The format itself hasn't changed (although the rake and rakeback structures probably have), but the popularity of the format has declined significantly, so that newer rooms often have much smaller limit offerings or poorer rake structures.

Other Sit N' Go formats have also suffered over time, with their popularity declining sharply. Many rooms will be cutting top buy-ins very severely, or reducing tournament offerings for all sorts of different amounts of people. The best poker rooms will, of course, have a slightly wider field, but for the most part it will still be a relatively small number of players. When looking for rooms suitable for the Sit N' Go format, it is always a good idea to check not only the supply but also the field. Structures can be very good, but often rarer formats may have to be played in several rooms at once due to extremely small fields.

Other poker formats

Spin N' Go is in a unique online poker situation. The format is, in one sense, extremely popular and is offered in many rooms. Unfortunately, the profitability of this format depends quite heavily on a number of factors - multiplier structure, rake and rakeback, field strength, etc. For example, the multiplier structure in the Winamax room leads to a high chipEV requirement for a profitable game (if we compare this room with Pokerstars), but the former offers rakeback while the latter does not. Again, the Winamax room usually has much better fields than Pokerstars, so deciding which room to play in can be difficult.

The profitability of Spin N' Go depends on many factors, so it's always a good idea to carefully analyse and calculate at least the rakeback and multiplier structures. Only later, when you have decided that the format is worth playing in the room, should you analyse the average strength of the field and try your hand at it.

Online Poker - Texas Hold 'Em and other game variants

Poker online
Poker Texas Hold 'Em Online

In addition to the differences between the most popular poker formats, there are different versions of the game itself. The two most popular are Texas Hold 'Em and Omaha 'Hold 'Em. Of course, there are poker versions such as 7 Card Stud, Razz, Short Deck and many others, but these are much harder to find in rooms (except Short Deck).

The rarest versions of poker (7 Card Stud, Razz, etc.) will usually only be available in the biggest and best poker rooms (such as Pokerstars). These games are usually very rarely offered by the rooms, as the number of players is simply not enough. If you are looking for a rarer poker option, it is best to just check the biggest rooms and not bother with the smaller ones.

The situation with Omaha Hold 'Em poker on the online market is a little more interesting. Omaha Hold 'Em Pot Limit is the second most popular version of the game, so there will be plenty of rooms offering this version. Unfortunately, second most popular does not mean that the game is popular. Typically, rooms offer either high-roller level games or low buy-in Cash tables.

Pot Limit Omaha Cash game tables will often be available in many of the larger rooms, but will often be severely limited in terms of maximum blinds. Finding the right cash game limit for you can be difficult as, as mentioned above, there will usually be a lot of variation (either very low limits or very high limits).

Pot Limit Omaha tournaments are quite popular in live games, but less so online. Of course, this doesn't mean that it's impossible to find such tournaments to play. Unfortunately, most of the time field and daily tournaments are not enough for serious, profitable play, so you may have to mix formats and poker rooms.

Online Poker - rakeback offers for poker veterans

Many long-time players remember the legendary days of the Pokerstars Supernova and other titles and their associated rakebacks. Unfortunately, those days are gone and many rooms offer different rakeback offers.

Rakeback is important for all formats, but it is becoming more and more important the more variation there is in that format. Rakeback is essentially a way of generating money that is not directly dependent on variation, so this money can very often smooth out monthly bumps in profits. Of course, it is possible to play in rooms with no rakeback offerings (or very poor ones like PokerStars), but then the player is shouldering all the variation.

Poker online
Poker rakeback is one of the most important considerations when choosing a room

Online poker rooms usually generate rakebacks through complex point collection systems, so the maximum (and maximum and achievable) rakeback can be unclear at first glance. In most cases, rakeback systems calculate points based on the dollar or euro of the rake paid, so of course it will always be easier for the highest limit players to achieve the highest level of rakeback.

Rakeback systems usually have their own expiry date. This can vary considerably from room to room, so some rooms may require much stricter flooring and volume maintenance to maintain the desired rakeback. For example, the Party Poker system is based on a weekly point system, so the game volume needs to be maintained on a weekly basis.

Many online poker rooms have rakeback systems based on monthly or even longer-term results. For example, Unibet counts quarters, Winamax counts months (and the whole year for top level rakeback) and so on. In many rooms it is more difficult to achieve high rakeback than to maintain it.

What do the best poker rooms look like? Criteria for the best rooms

While we offer and continuously update lists of the best poker rooms at the Poker School, it is always useful for online poker newcomers to have selection criteria. The number of online poker rooms is constantly increasing, but sometimes new rooms are not worth playing in.

Where to play poker

How to find a good room? This is a question often asked by poker players. The three most important criteria for any poker player are the range of formats on offer, the bonus and bonus offers and the field.

  1. The choice of formats will, of course, be a key factor, especially if you are playing the less common formats. Spin N Go games are a good example. While this format is attractive to both professional and casual players, many rooms do not offer this format. Some rooms offer very poor profitability conditions, which automatically severely reduces the playing opportunities for any Spin N Go regular.
  2. If the room is in a format you like, bonuses and offers are another important criterion. While there are rooms that have no rakeback or very poor offers, these are usually not worth playing. An exceptional case would be a room with a crazy good field and all other aspects of poker. In that case, it could be profitable to play in this room.
  3. Finally, the field is a very important factor for any successful player. The field, more than bonuses or bonuses, will determine the value of a room to a professional. If the room was only top level regs, it would be completely pointless to play in. Even with a player of the same level, there would only be money shifting by variation and rake payments.

Meanwhile, rooms with a high number of casual players will make a regular player feel like a fish in water. The more casual players (preferably at different times of the day), the higher the average room profitability. If a room not only has the highest number of leisure players but also good bonuses and bonuses, then it will always be worth playing.

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Real Money Online Poker - Legal in Lithuania

Many poker players are well aware of the Lithuanian Gambling Law, which restricts many online poker rooms. As a result, cash poker is not easily accessible in Lithuania. However, this prohibition only applies to rooms, but not the players themselves, so it is legal to gamble in them once you have access.

Poker online for real money

It is easy to bypass the blockages. Usually all you need to do is change your DNS or set up a VPN. For the first option, we have written a comprehensive guide at the Poker School that will help you get around the gambling ban in just a few minutes. Unfortunately, almost all poker professionals will have to do this, as the best poker rooms tend to be foreign.

Of course, recent legislation in Lithuania severely restricts payment and deposit options in unlicensed poker rooms. Many poker players who want to play poker for real money online will need to open an e-wallet such as Skrill or Revolut.

Finally, these restrictions do not apply to absolutely all rooms. There are a number of online poker rooms available in Lithuania. However, you will need to use the block bypass method to play in the world's biggest rooms, as almost all of them do not have a gaming licence and permission to play in Lithuania. Of course, these rooms are still just as reliable as online poker rooms licensed in Lithuania. In other countries, other gambling options are available to Lithuanians: for example, in Sweden, the online poker big rooms without trying to circumvent the gambling ban, because legally, most poker rooms in this country are licensed to operate. 

Another important factor, admittedly less so for many regular players, is the format of poker itself. As mentioned earlier, games like 7 Card Stud and Razz can be almost impossible to find in online poker rooms. Pot Limit Omaha is possible to find with a sufficient field and good offers, but you will usually have to go to the biggest online poker rooms. The smaller ones will simply not have enough field for steady play.

Legal poker rooms for Lithuanians 

Legal poker rooms for LithuaniansLegal poker rooms in Lithuania differ from other foreign-owned rooms mainly because they have specific permits to organise gambling games in Lithuania. Rooms such as BetSafe and Unibet are simply able to offer gambling in Lithuania and meet the licence requirements.

Of course, a newcomer to online poker might wonder whether rooms without authorisation to organise gambling Reliable in Lithuania? In almost all cases, the answer to this question is yes. More attention should be paid to rooms that have no gambling licence anywhere, are very little known or offer bonuses or bonus schemes that are too good. There are rooms, such as Americas Cardroom, that exploit logic holes in (or otherwise "play around" with) the law, but at the same time are trustworthy rooms. Of course, the little-known rooms that circumvent the law need to be analysed very carefully.

Finally, we recommend a number of foreign online poker rooms for the Poker School. These rooms are reliable and offer good conditions for players. You may need to use a DNS workaround to connect to them.

Blocking the poker room? There's an easy solution!

Perhaps you have encountered the problem of not being able to open a poker room due to blocking? Read more at this short article (with video explanation) and you'll have easy access to all poker rooms without any restrictions! It will take you about 5 minutes to sort out this problem that all Lithuanian users who want to open poker rooms registered abroad face.

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