NETELLER is one of the companies in the large Paysafe Group offering online payment services. It is worth noting that the same Paysafe Group also owns Skrill and paysafecard payment solutions. NETELLER is an e-wallet that makes it easy and convenient to transfer money to other people, pay bills, trade on the stock exchange or withdraw money you have. For gamblers, this platform is relevant because it is one of the most convenient and fastest ways to top up your virtual wallet at casinos or gambling companies.

NETELLER casino online - which casinos accept them?

General information about NETELLER online casinos

If you're interested in gambling, then you'll find NETELLER casino offers you can get slightly bigger bonuses, better playing conditions, or just enjoy easier and faster crediting and withdrawals. NETELLER online wallets are accepted by almost all of the biggest casinos in Lithuania and most casinos abroad. Please note that the first deposit should be made using e-banking or a debit/credit card. Afterwards, your account can be topped up and your winnings withdrawn with your Neteller wallet.

NETELLER casino online

Lithuanian gaming operators that accept NETELLER


Optibet you can pay with this wallet. In fact, you can also get up to 1000 free spins by taking advantage of a special offer and registering.


On the platform of Betsafe, one of the largest gambling operators in Lithuania, you can easily top up your account with this e-wallet. For the first time Betsafe Registered players can get free spins and a bonus on their first NETELLER deposit.


If you want to Uniclub To deposit money into your gaming account and have it credited instantly, choose the NETELLER e-Wallet. Take advantage of exclusive offers by signing up Uniclub At the casino, players can get as many as 77 free spins as a gift.

Other gambling operators and important information

Most other gambling companies in Lithuania accepts payments from NETELLER e-wallets. However, always check your deposit and withdrawal options before registering to avoid getting into an awkward situation where you have already submitted your personal details, only to find that you can't pay.

Remember that in this country, as in most other countries around the world, there is always a requirement that the personal details of your personal gambling account match those of the e-wallet holder. This means that you can only transfer money to/from your Neteller wallet if you are transferring money to yourself or for yourself. Payments to and from another person's e-wallet are strictly prohibited.

Casinos that accept NETELLER wallets abroad

It is one of the most popular e-wallets abroad. People use it not only to fund their casino accounts, but also to pay their everyday expenses, trade on Forex exchanges and so on.

Because it makes transactions (transfers) extremely fast, NETELLER is accepted at most online casinos. There is also approximately a 99.99% chance that any newly opened casino online will accept payments from NETELLER wallets. Of course, there are a number of alternatives, but the e-wallets, at least in Europe, are completely dominated by Skrill and NETELLER, which handle the vast majority of payments made by online casino players.

Neteller casinos

The main pluses of NETELLER casino

 Plus #1 - speed

Perhaps the biggest plus of NETELLER, and certainly the one that most people like, is the extraordinary speed of payments. While most casinos can now also credit money from bank accounts instantly, there are still some payment solutions that take a few minutes or even longer to credit. Topping up your NETELLER casino wallet will always be as fast as possible.

Plus #2 - safety

As one of the world's largest providers of electronic payment solutions, NETELLER is able to ensure maximum security for your transactions and your funds. More than 20 million account holders from all over the world appreciate the security of NETELLER wallets. Two-factor authentication ensures maximum security for your funds.

Plus #3 - simplicity for the user

Unlike some payment solutions, NETELLER is easy to use. Once you've downloaded the app on your smartphone, you can do everything from the comfort of your computer. On the other hand, sitting at your computer is just as easy. And all you need to register is an ID and an email address (more data will be needed later to fully use NETELLER).

Plus #4 - discretion

This is one of the most secure ways to pay, as your identity cannot be misappropriated by anyone else. According to the regulation, your NETELLER account belongs to you alone. All payments made are logged, so the discretion of identity and personal data is maximised.

Plus #5 - exclusive offers

Although rare, it is not uncommon for online casinos to offer special offers - welcome bonus, deposit bonus via reload bonus for players who use NETELLER e-wallets. This can be cited as both a plus and a minus.

Neteller logo

Are there any disadvantages to NETELLER payments?

Of course, like any system, NETELLER has its pros and cons, which are worth knowing.

Minus #1 - taxes

Perhaps the biggest and most noticeable drawback of NETELLER is the fees it charges for certain transfers. Withdrawals to personal bank accounts and some other activities may be subject to significant fees. However, no fees should apply to the actual top-up of the casino account. They only exist when you want to withdraw money from NETELLER.

Minus #2 - almost impossible to use Welcome, rookie bonuses

Perhaps it would be more appropriate to say that with NETELLER in some cases It is not possible to take advantage of the newcomer bonus offers. As the casino is subject to strict KYC (Know Your Customer, Know Your Customer requirements, some companies simply have to verify the data in certain ways before the customer makes a deposit.

Minus #3 - Maximum security sometimes results in loss of speed

Although NETELLER is a very secure payment company, some of the procedures take much longer than we would like. When you register on the NETELLER platform, the validation of your documents and similar procedures often take much longer than in a regular online casino.

What do I need to know about NETELLER casino deposits?

While it is not difficult to register on the NETELLER platform, you need to carefully weigh the benefits of doing so. As very few casinos offer newbie bonuses (Welcome bonus), users who open an account with NETELLER should not create an account with NETELLER because of one casino. NETELLER is best used when you play actively and in more than one place.

Neteller casinos

Always look for additional terms and conditions attached to casino bonus offers. It may say that the platform will not accept payments made from e-wallets, or it may say the opposite, for example, that the system will only award the bonus if you fund your wallet from a NETELLER account.

If you have problems

The good thing is that NETELLER has a whole customer serviceto help you solve any problems you may have. Usually they don't arise, but it's still nice to know that you have somewhere to go for advice if you need it.

Additional nuances

While almost all casinos can accept a deposit from an e-wallet, this does not necessarily mean that they can pay out winnings to that wallet. For this reason, you should check the deposit and withdrawal options before registering. And while most companies should be able to pay out your winnings to your NETELLER wallet without any problems, there are some exceptions, which are better to find out about sooner rather than later.

How do I start using NETELLER and get the most out of it?


Registering on the NETELLER platform is easier than simple. It only takes a few minutes and once your identity has been confirmed by the staff, you can make payments worldwide very quickly and easily.

  • Visit NETELLER on the website.
  • Click the button in the centre or top right of the screen that says "Join for Free".
  • Please enter all the necessary data and accept the terms of service. NETELLER needs your: ( name, email address and password).

How to start using NETELLER

That's it, you already have a NETELLER wallet. However, to start using it and access all the features, you'll need to register and make an initial deposit to your account. Here you will need to enter your:

  •       Date of birth;
  •       Gender;
  •       Full address (city, county, postcode);
  •       Telephone number (mobile);

You will then receive an SMS with a confirmation code to the phone number you entered. Enter it on the NETELLER website and complete your registration. You will now have a working account with very low transfer limits. Want to increase them? You can do so by providing the necessary photo ID to prove your identity. This step takes a little longer, but after that everything is very simple and smooth. You should receive a notification in your email inbox that your account documents have been approved.

You can now top up your account from your bank by making a direct transfer, by asking another Neteller user to transfer funds to you from their Neteller wallet or by using cryptocurrency transfers. There are a total of 40 unique ways to top up your account.

Casino wallet top-up with NETELLER

It will also be extremely easy to do everything. Simply go to the portal where the top-up takes place and select this e-wallet. Enter the amount you want to deposit in the next field. Remember that there may be minimum and maximum payment limits, so be careful.

Confirm your choice and login to your wallet by following the instructions and confirming your payment. Once you have done this, the funds should be in your casino wallet in no time.

 NETELLER casino bonus - Claim all bonuses

As mentioned above, you will probably not be able to take advantage of the new player bonus (casino welcome bonus) if you choose to fund your account with a NETELLER wallet. However, NETELLER is fully available for subsequent payments, as there should be no restrictions on the bonuses.

If you use NETELLER and want to get the most out of the casino, you should look more at the offers of foreign companies. As there is a strong use of e-wallets abroad (mainly in the UK), there will simply be more offers. In some cases there are also exclusive NETELLER offers. If this offer comes your way, don't hesitate to take advantage of it right away.

Neteller casino bonus

Interesting facts about NETELLER and what else you should know about them

  •       Įwas created in 1999, the same year as Alibaba and just a year after Google;
  •       The company is owned by the Paysafe Group, a British company that also operates Skrill and paysafecard payment solutions;
  •       In 2015, Paysafe Group, which manages the company, acquired Skrill, its biggest competitor.
  •       Sspecialises in the gambling/casino and virtual payment spaces, but payments can also be made in a variety of other areas;
  •       As recently as 2000, the company was servicing and providing virtual payment solutions to as many as 85% of online casinos worldwide;
  •       From 2014 to 2016, the logo was featured on an English Premier League football team, Crystal Palace a T-shirt as the symbol of the main sponsor;
  •       Since 2016, all members of the EEA Community (Lithuania is part of this zone) can use the special NETELLER credit card Net+. This is actually a special Neteller type Mastercard a card that allows you to conveniently pay from your e-wallet.
  •       The most loyal customers benefit from the VIP programme. In it, they receive cashback (cash) back to your account for every payment you make from your wallet and enjoy increased payment and transfer limits and a free Mastercard.

Important casino winnings information - NETELLER online casinos

In addition to general facts about the company itself, it is important to highlight the features of the services that are relevant to each client:

  •       The Net+ Mastercard is a very convenient solution for active players. With this card, you can instantly cash out your winnings that the casino has transferred to your e-wallet. This way, you won't have to pay for the transfer to your bank account.
  •      VIP members have impressive and very high withdrawal limits. Bronze members can withdraw up to USD/EUR/GBP 10,000 per year, while Diamond members have a limit of USD/EUR/GBP 2,000,000.
  •       When depositing money from a credit or debit card, or even a bank account, you will be charged a service fee of 2.5%. This fee is waived if you fund your account from another NETELLER wallet.
  •       Your money will be in and out of your account as quickly as possible. Transfers between Neteller accounts are usually instantaneous, but a transfer to a bank account can take several working days. The majority of transfers reach users within 3-5 working days.

Neteller online casinos

Brief, summarised information 

NETELLER is thus one of the most popular electronic payment solutions worldwide. It specialises in casino and gambling company wallets, so if you are active in both Lithuanian and foreign casinos, it is very worthwhile to use this wallet.

While many of the newbie bonuses are not available, it is convenient and easy to top up your casino account and access the exclusive NETELLER-specific casino bonuses offered to existing users.

Knowing all the pros and cons of this platform will help you to maximise the benefits of your account and to quickly and safely fund your casino wallet or withdraw your winnings. Both poker and casino players actively use this e-wallet service. Of the ~23 million users, the majority are active gamblers.

Post-school tip

Our advice to anyone who wants to use NETELLER casino for filing your accounts - assess how often you gamble. If you do it often, it might pay to become a VIP member and take out a Net+ payment card to save the money that would normally be spent on withdrawals to the bank or elsewhere.