Monster spins - what are they and what do you need to know?

Betsafe visitors and players may have already heard of something like Monster Spins. However, if you are a current Betsafe player or are planning to start gambling there, but have no idea about Monster Spins, you will find this article useful. It will give you a basic overview of this unique feature and its benefits for Betsafe players. Let's get started!
Monster spin Betsafe

The shortest way of describing it to ourselves, and the way Betsafe itself describes it, is Monster Spins yra funkcija arba žaidimo formatas, kurio metu žaidėjai turi daug didesnį šansą išlošti prizus. Įžvalgesni skaitytojai, perskaitę visą šio režimo aprašymą pastebės, kad tai – labai panašu į Spin & Go iš PokerStars arba kitus Sit & Go turnyrus internetinėse platformose. Tad Betsafe paėmė pavyzdį iš vieno iš segmento lyderių. Monster pokerio režimas žaidžiamas su Texas Hold‘em pokeriu, tačiau ateityje turėtų prasiplėsti Omaha ir Chinese.

Monster Spins - how does it work?

Both beginners who find regular poker tournaments too time-consuming and experienced players can make the most of this mode. The main advantage of this poker game is that it uses very unconventional multipliers that can increase the buy-in by a huge amount (up to a thousand times). Now, let's take a look at the gameplay.

  1. Players get involved Betsafe poker platform. This can be done online or by downloading the dedicated Betsafe poker app.
  2. If you haven't created an account yet, please do so Now.
  3. Then select the Monster Spins game from within the poker platform.
  4. In the next step, set the buy-in amount (your budget) and click "Register" to start the waiting game. Betsafe reminds you that the buy-in amount is directly linked to the prize you can win. As it is possible to increase the amounts up to a thousand times, it is really fascinating to take a chance.
  5. The game will start when three players join the community table.
  6. Then it's just like Spin and Go poker, until we start getting into the details.
  7. We have a fixed 5% rake limit (very low compared to competitors)
  8. Blind’ai grows as fast as every 1 minute, which is almost three times faster than in similar tournaments
  9. The prize fund needs to be unwound.
  10. When three players join, the prize pool wheel is spun and the players find out the size of the prize they will compete for.
  11. The smallest possible prize pool will be 2x the buy-in (75.8% probability) and the largest prize pool will be 1000x the buy-in (0.005% probability).
  12. It is this, the turning of the wheel, that is perhaps the most interesting part of the game.
  13. You can adjust your strategy according to the size of the prize you are competing for. But at the same time, each prize is like a last chance to win, so you have to be very careful between aggressive strategies and calculated solutions.

Multiplier table analysis and bets

As we have already mentioned, the most important thing in Betsafe Monster Spins is the multiplier table we mentioned. When at least three players join the game, the wheel is spun and the prize multiplier is determined. This can range from 2x to as much as 1000x, so no two games are likely to be the same.

The fluctuating prize pool creates many opportunities to profit from the game, and for strong players to exploit their advantage over weaker ones.

See the multiplication table

Monster Spins Multiplier Table

It all seems self-evident here. However, it is the frequency of the prize pool multiplier that deserves most attention. From the probabilities, we can see that there is a 99% chance of playing from 2x-10x multipliers and less than 1% chance of a higher multiplier. This makes it more worthwhile for those who want to win more in the long run to try to win more handicrafts with lower multipliers than trying to win the jackpot outright. The chances of such a multiplier coming up at all are very low, so you should be more objective about your chances and choose the optimal gambling strategy.

Increase in bets

Now, let's examine the increase in stakes. The size of the bets increases every minute. Players start the game with 500 chips. The first bet level is 10/20. After 10 minutes, level 10 has been reached and the minimum bet is 105 chips. The last level is reached after 21 minutes when small blind reaches 750 chips, and big blind - as many as 1500 chips. Most games won't even reach this climax, because the whole intention of Monster is a faster, more dynamic game.

Tips on how to play Monster Spins more effectively

As we have already mentioned that Monster Spins available at Spin & Go the equivalent of poker, we'd like to share with you some insights that will help you become a better player in these tournaments. It's true that in this game, your strategy needs to be even more aggressive, as the stakes go up every few handsand every one minute, so there is no time for hesitation. In this mode, even more than in others, quick reactions and lightning-fast calculations are important. However, these can be overshadowed by good strategy and the right handling of the cards. Here are the most important tips:

  • Spin monstersAlways play aggressively with strong handus - This strategy can be adapted to include bluffing in the condition where the multiplier is very high, as some players may be too cautious to wait for the ideal hand'obut it is still not worth bluffing. There simply isn't enough time to create a convincing bluff and create the opportunity to play one, so we recommend that you don't bluff.
  •       Play for the prize, not the minimum plus - As we have already mentioned, in Sit and Go tournaments there is not much time to try to read every situation. With the stakes rising so quickly, you need to aim for the highest targets and prizes. Try to completely ignore the short-term "now" perspective and focus on how you can get into the winners' bracket.
  •       Don't wait for aces - Many people advise waiting for powerful hands before making the strongest moves in regular poker. But you don't have to wait for AA to hit your opponents. In late position, with cards like 7-8 or 10-J, you can create the perfect opportunity steal (steal) bets and tilt the odds in your favour.

And that's just the surface of the strategy in such a tournament. In fact, it is possible to go into much deeper strategies and find ways to make each Monster spins get the most out of the game. We recommend that you choose the most aggressive strategy that suits you, don't give in to bluffs and don't hesitate to play strong against strong hands.

It's always a good idea to sign up to the PokerMyKool portal, where you can learn from experienced poker professionals and become a winning player. If you're interested in playing Monster Spins at Betsafe, feel free to take advantage of our bonuses to get the most out of your game at Betsafe or in the poker section!