Instant lottery online

All of us have probably bought an instant ticket at least once and firmly believed that this time, we'll win a real pot of gold if we delete the special security boxes! Lottery enthusiasts admit that even after adding impressive amounts to their accounts, they continue to buy tickets because they find the instant lottery to be an enjoyable diversion that can brighten up their day and lift their spirits. In this guide, you will learn about how to win the instant lottery online and why people like it so much. We will look at the most popular instant lotteries online.

Instant lottery online:

Instant lottery online (E-lottery)

The instant lottery can now be played online. This means no more going to the shop to buy tickets or searching for a coin to rub the protective layer. Now everything is much easier and more convenient to do on your computer or phone.


Players can buy the number of tickets they want and find out immediately if they have won. If you don't want to study the rules too much and just want to find out quickly if you've won, the online system will do it for you.

This means that you will never accidentally throw away a ticket that is lucky.

When playing the e-lottery, all your winnings are measured in the same place. Players can use their winnings to buy other tickets and simply continue participating in these instant lotteries. Winnings can be transferred to your bank account at any time. 

Tickets can also be deleted for you, but most players prefer to delete them themselves when playing online. This is very simple and fun - you can slowly open parts of the ticket using the mouse button.

How do I win the instant lottery?

Winning the instant lottery is a matter of luck, and there are no guaranteed ways to guarantee a win. However, there are a few tips that can help you increase your chances.

So, what are the secrets of the instant lottery and where to buy the winning instant lottery tickets?

1) Firstly, the more expensive the ticket you buy, the more likely you are to win more money with it. For example, buying a lottery ticket for €1 could win €5,000 or less, while buying a €5 ticket could add as much as €75,000 to your pocket.

2) Buy at least a few different types of instant tickets - if you won one today, don't go straight back to the same lottery and wait until tomorrow.

Also, remember that you can win more than one prize with one ticket, so read the rules carefully.

3) When playing lotteries, try the same number combinations several times. Most players make the mistake of thinking they are unlucky once with certain numbers. But maybe they are successful in another lottery?

4) And most importantly, if you have a winning ticket, don't forget to withdraw your winnings within a certain timeframe, otherwise they will simply expire.

Most popular instant lotteries

We have compiled a list of the most famous lotteries that people play online and in many countries. Some of the names you probably know, but some may be new to you.

Mega Millions


When the game started in 2002, people called it the Great Game. Later, the name was changed to Mega Millions, and it is now one of the highest-grossing lotteries in the world.

Players from all over the United States can participate by purchasing tickets in the 44 states and territories that participate in this lottery. People living outside of these locations also have the opportunity to play by purchasing tickets online through ticketing services around the world.

The top prizes in this 6-ball lottery start at USD 15 million, but have repeatedly risen to half a billion dollars.

The game includes an additional feature called the Megaplier, which can increase secondary prize amounts by up to five times. Mega Millions offers nine different prize levels and draws are held on Tuesdays and Fridays each week.

US Powerball

Launched in 1988, the Powerball lottery is very prominent in America's national lotteries. It starts with a top prize of $40 million and has a game where you collect 6 balls.

The lottery also has some of the biggest prizes ever won worldwide, sometimes exceeding USD 500 million.

Power Play options are available for purchased tickets and can increase the secondary prize amount up to 5 times. Tickets are available in 45 US states and territories. In addition, people from all over the world can join in by purchasing tickets online using the online lottery ticket service.

"Powerball numbers are collected every Wednesday and Saturday. There are nine prize sections, giving participants the chance to win different prizes.



Launched in 2012, Eurojackpot is a lottery game played in many countries and has become very popular in Europe.

The game offers an initial prize of €10,000,000, which can grow until it reaches €90,000,000.

There are twelve prize levels.The 7-ball lottery is held weekly in Helsinki on Fridays. The Eurojackpot is played by players from different EU countries. These include the Czech Republic, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden. You can also play by purchasing your tickets online using the lottery ticketing service.


A large international lottery, EuroMillions began mainly in France, Spain and the UK when it was created in 2004. Today, the game is also played in many European countries. These include Andorra, Austria, Belgium, France, Ireland, Isle of Man, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

The game offers a starting jackpot of €15,000,000, but often exceeds €100,000,000. There are 13 prize chapters, so players have a good chance of winning a particular prize.

Special Event and Super draws take place once or twice a year. They offer fixed top prizes, which can range from €100 million to €130 million.

Oz Lotto

The Oz Lotto is a very famous lottery in Australia, with many players from all over the world joining. It is administered by Tatts and the draw takes place weekly on Tuesdays in New South Wales.

This 9-ball lottery has seven different prize levels, with a starting prize of USD 2 million, but prizes can often reach millions.

The biggest prize ever won on the Oz Lotto was $112 million.

Tickets are available at retail outlets across Australia and can be purchased online from anywhere in the world.

AU Powerball

The Australian Powerball is designed in a similar way to the famous US Powerball. Australian Powerball, also very popular in Australia and operated by Tatts, has a 7-ball lotto format, with participants having the chance to win at eight different prize levels.

The game is drawn once a week on Thursday, with a top prize for players of USD 6 million and a number of other smaller prizes.

There is also a Power Hit option that can be added to any ticket. This option increases the chances of winning by including all possible Powerball numbers in the draw.

Lotto 649

The Canadian Lotto 649 is a 7-ball lottery run by the Ontario Lotteries and Gaming Corporation and has been in operation since 1982.

Players can win a minimum of €5 million. If no one wins over several drawings and the prize keeps increasing, it could be as high as $50 million.

The Encore feature, which acts as a lottery, guarantees a prize of USD 1 million for every ticket that is logged.

With seven different prize levels, there are plenty of opportunities to win something.

The biggest Lotto 649 prize ever given out was $63.4 million and someone won it in 2013.


This Canadian lottery game started in 2009 and had its first winner a week later.

Nine numbers are drawn and the minimum prize for players is $5 million, but can go up to $50 million. There are seven prize categories, so there are plenty of opportunities for people from different countries to win money. The Maximillions add-on provides $1 million in prizes, which are won in a raffle that is linked to each participating ticket.



This Italian lottery takes place three times a week on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. It is a 6-ball lottery game where players can win prizes at five different levels. The game has a special sister lottery, SuperEnalotto Superstar, which provides an additional number that increases the top prize by €2 million and the second prize by €1 million.

The Superstar can also increase other secondary prizes by up to 100 times.

El Gordo

The El Gordo de la Primativa lottery is the most popular lottery game in Spain and has been played since 1812. It is part of the Spanish lottery 'La Primativa' and has produced some of the biggest jackpots ever seen in the history of numbers games.

The Reintegro number is automatically included in all tickets and must be there to win the jackpot. Jackpot prizes start at €2 million and go as high as €72.6 million, with a special Christmas lottery record of over €500 million.

Why do people like the instant lottery?

The first reason

The instant lottery is one of the easiest and simplest lotteries on the market. Erasable lottery tickets are available in almost every supermarket, petrol station, newsagent or smaller shop.

In addition, online lotteries are becoming increasingly popular, where players no longer even have to go to a physical shop to buy a ticket. When playing online, the outcome is completely random and, in simple terms, down to luck, so every ticket has an equal chance of winning.

The second reason

The secret to the success of instant lotteries is very simple - shoppers can find out immediately if they have won. This is especially true for younger players who need everything here and now.

The game is also very simple - the player buys a ticket with a pre-printed set of symbols - colourful pictures, numbers, shapes, etc. - underneath a removable opaque layer. If a winning combination of symbols, such as 3 sevens, or a special symbol, such as a gold bar, is found when the protective layer is erased, the player immediately wins a predetermined prize.

Moreover, instant lotteries are not limited to a single prize - some even offer several cash prizes at the same time. If you don't get lucky in the main game, there's always a chance to win something by ticking the 'special' box.

Slightly older players have been observed to prefer lotteries, where they can win not only cash prizes, but also cars, household appliances and even trips to warm destinations.

The third reason

Lotteries stimulate curiosity and increase adrenaline levels because the player does not know what to expect when the protective layer is removed.

Finally, some players buy their tickets and discard them immediately, while others often buy them as gifts.

It has been observed that instant lottery sales soar during the festive season, in anticipation of Santa's generosity this year. So every lottery finds its buyer.

History of the Instant Lottery

The prototype of the lottery is considered to be a game developed in China around 100 BC, whose rounds were even used to build the Great Wall of China. In ancient Rome, tickets were given away for free to plebeians during festivals and prizes were awarded to lucky ticket holders.

Over the years, lotteries began to spread further across Europe. In the 16th century, the first lottery was held in Italy, where winners received cash prizes. A few hundred years later, in the 18th century, 50 colleges, 300 schools and 200 churches were built in the United States with the money raised from the lottery, and a portion of it was used to maintain universities.

Lotteries were later banned, then legalised again, until the World Lottery Association was founded in 1999 (World Lottery Association), which today unites more than 80 countries.

The first original game tickets were produced using manual random number methods, followed by the development of special algorithmic calculators. Today, the British company Scientific Games is one of the world's largest producers of instant lotteries, setting the trend in ticketing technology for the whole of Europe.

Instant Lottery Secrets

Did you know that a number of public buildings are built with lottery funds? Lottery fundraising has been popular for a long time - as early as the 16th century, Queen Elizabeth I organised public lotteries to raise money for public buildings.

Not only the famous British Museum and parts of the Roman Road, but also the Great Wall of China, the Ivy League universities and the Jamestown Colony.

What happens when you win the lottery? Statistics show that as many as 52% of people who win a million or more quit their jobs... In addition, winners of large prize pools tend to buy 4-5 new cars, and 10% of them buy 10 or more cars!

Sometimes, players don't claim their cash prizes... In 2012, the grand prize of the popular American Mega Millions lottery - a whopping $656 million - was unclaimed! To this day, it is still not known whether the lottery winner did not know he had won, or whether he lost his ticket or simply forgot it.

Richard Lustig

Another interesting fact is that the American Richard Lustig won more than USD 1 million in seven state lottery games between 1993 and 2010. He is said to have guessed the lottery algorithm and found out which tickets were winning. He even wrote a book in which he tells readers the secrets of winning the lottery.

Another famous statistician, Mohan Srivastava from Toronto, Canada, has learned how to predict which instant lottery tickets are winning.

He suspected that the lottery tickets were generated using software called a pseudo-random number generator. And indeed, he noticed that tickets in which the three visible numbers are non-repeating are almost always lucky, so he decided to run a test.

He sent two sets of unmarked tickets to the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation, one stack marked as winning and the other as failing. Two hours later, he received a phone call telling him that he had correctly guessed 19 out of 20 winning cards.

Today, there is a wide range of instant lotteries to choose from, so all you have to do is pick your favourite one and try your luck from time to time - after all, it's not just the prize money that's exciting, but also the process of playing the game itself that's so interesting and intriguing. It's a lot of fun to scratch instant tickets, but remember that they are games of chance, so play responsibly! Or find out, how to avoid missing out.