Membership of a gaming company

  1. Sign up in our partner room.
  2. Make a deposit and play.
  3. Get a lifetime membership!

How do I get a lifetime membership?

Click on the company logo or the red button and click on the registration link at the top of the pop-up window.

Follow the instructions below and deposit 250 EUR or more.

For some companies, be sure to take advantage of the bonus code we offer.

After registration and successful deposit, enter your Nick at the company in the popup window.

Please also enter your exact email address for more accurate information.

We will confirm your nickname and assignment within 24 hours or less.

Proposed gambling companies

Can't find the right company? Contact us by email [email protected]
and we can discuss opportunities in other companies.

Coaches recommend



Cash trainer

We offer a great opportunity to buy a membership simply by playing poker. You can play a variety of formats at the recommended companies. My cash video lessons are available in the school library.



Founder of the school

We have decided to simply allow players to play poker, casino or bet and this becomes your membership fee. We are doing away with directly paid memberships and giving players the option to play at the company of their choice. In return, you will receive useful poker instructional video content and, most importantly lifetime membership!

I just want to pay for my membership.
Is this still possible?

For those who just want to pay the amount and have a video library membership, we offer a one-off membership. Perhaps the companies on offer are not suitable, or it's just more convenient to pay a sum?

Buy a one-off membership and you'll never have to worry again.

One-off fee
to purchase a lifetime membership

99 €

Access to 800+ poker video libraries in Lithuanian

Access to the Pokeriaujam Facebook group

Your membership is valid for life

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