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A rather nostalgic, but still well-loved and frequently played card game, Carousel. If you like card games and mathematics, this is the game for you. Here's an overview of the rules of the card game Carousel.

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Carousel card game rules

Number of players

2, 3 or 4 players. Carousel is usually played in pairs - two players against two players from the other team. Players in one pair sit opposite each other and place the cut cards in a single pile. After the game is played, points are scored.

The game is played until one of the pairs scores 120 points first. In the case of doubles or triples, points are scored separately for each player.


Instruments needed for the game

Žaidimui naudojama standartinė  56 kortų malka – 52 įprastos kortos ir 4 papildomos, iš kurių 3 sudaro juokdariai, dar vadinami „džokeriais“, „jokeriais“ (angl. joker - laughing stock), and 1 "broom".

The jokers are ranked according to their point values, with the card with the highest point value being 20, and the others having 15 and 11 points respectively.

Note - if the deck is less than 56 cards, you can play without a joker. The 55 cards are usually played without the most valuable joker - the 20-point card or the broom.

If only 54 cards are played, both the most valuable joker and the broom are discarded - the game is played with only two jokers, 15 and 11.

The aim of the game

Collect as many points as possible, sometimes called fantasy points. One hand of 56 cards has 30 points and is played to 120. A hand of 55 cards goes up to 90 points and a hand of 54 cards goes up to 60 points.


10 points awarded to the highest joker with the number 20

5 points for the middle joker, numbered 15

3 points awarded for the lowest joker, numbered 11

2 points is awarded for the drum ten, which is called the "carousel"

2 points awarded for a wine duo

2 points awarded to the player with the highest number of wines in the hand

2 points awarded to the player with the highest number of cards in a hand (including those cards that are scored separately)

1 point is the amount received for each ace collected

Remark. If two players have the highest number of cards or wines in one hand, i.e. an even number of cards or wines, they share the points by 1. If three or more players have the highest number of cards or wines, no points are awarded.

Carousel gameplay



The dealer, after shuffling the deck thoroughly, deals 4 cards to each player. After the cards have been dealt to the players, an additional 8 cards are dealt face up on the table. J

If playing with a 55-card deck, 7 cards are dealt face up, if with a 54-card deck, 6 cards are dealt face up. The player to the left of the dealer starts the game, so play is clockwise.

Start of the game

If a player has a card of the same rank as a card on the table in his hand, he can cut that card by placing it on the table and picking it up. The cut cards are not used further in that hand and are placed in the community pile.

If there are two or three of a kind on the table, they can all be cut at once with the same card.

Eye amounts

If the sum of the faces of several cards on the table is equal to the sum of the faces of the card in your hand, these cards can also be taken (e.g. if there is a three of a kind and a four of a kind on the table, and you have a seven of a kind in your hand, these three cards can be taken in one turn, or if there are 3 aces on the table and you have a three of a kind in your hand, then you take all the aces with it).

There are more combinations of cards on the table to match the number of eyes of the card in your hand (in this case a seven or three).

If the sum of the eyes of any one or even several cards in the hand is equal to the sum of the eyes of another card in the hand, the smaller card may be placed on top of the cards which make up the sum of the eyes. However, it is only on the next turn that they must all be taken.

For example, there is a deuce and a three of a kind on the table, and in the hand there is an ace (an ace is considered a jack in this game) and a six of a kind. You can put the three cards in one pile (deuce, three of a kind and ace) and then take the six of a kind off the table on your next turn.

The other player may also cross the pile if it is his turn and he also has a six, or he may lay down another card to make up the sum of the other cards in his hand and then cut it on his next turn.

Gentlemen (the valet, sometimes called the "bartender", the queen, sometimes called the "maiden", and the king) are only crossed from the table in pairs, i.e. one king crosses only one king, one queen crosses only one queen.

Exception - if there are three one-name cards on the table, e.g. one Jack can take down three Jacks on the table, one Queen can take down all three Queens on the table, and one King can take down all three remaining Kings.

When a "broom" is thrown on the table, all remaining cards are "swept" off the table.

If none of the above actions can be performed, one of your cards must be placed on the table and the other players do the same until the opportunity to cut again and score points arises.

When all players have used all four of their cards, the same player deals four more cards to each player, but does not open any more cards on the table. The game is played until all the cards are dealt.

The last remaining cards on the table are taken by the last player to cross something.

Card game Carousel. How to score more points?

Pair-cutting of queens, queens and kings is becoming important. Unless a player crosses the Queen's cards with a broom during the course of the game, there are always pairs of Queen cards.

This card can be used to "save the end", i.e. to try to cut the last card in the hand so that the uncut cards are also included. Additional points are awarded for a higher number of cards

If there are no cards left on the table, try to discard the lowest-scoring cards first, or think strategically about what combinations you can make with the cards you have.

Sometimes combinations are made with jokers, e.g. the 11th joker is combined with an eight of clubs and aces, and the hope is to cut these cards with the 20th joker on the next turn and score a lot of points. If you have a broom, feel free to sweep the whole pile of points and cards off the table.

Keep an eye on your pairmate's actions and cards - often by throwing good cards at your opponent together, you give your partner a great opportunity to come up with some great combinations.

Remember that more cards give you more points, so try to collect as many as possible.

Who won?

Once the first hand is completed, the points are counted and the second round of play begins. The cards for the next game are dealt by the losing team. As mentioned above, the game is played until one player or pair of players has the highest number of points and reaches the maximum threshold of 120, 90 or 60 points - they win the game.

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 Card game carousel online