Challenge goal

mindes timetable 04 07 2016

report schedule 2016-07-04

Hello, so last week wasn't the best week in the Challenge, but like every week in the Challenge I managed to learn or understand something new about my game. I've noticed that the biggest thing that's been bugging me is that when I start to play a really solid game, I start to join too many tables when I'm deep into a lot of rounds, because I think I'll be able to handle more tables and maintain a high quality game. For this reason I have decided to play no more than 6 tables by the end of the challenge and I have set a goal to raise the current 3€/game to at least 5€/game by the end of the challenge. Since I have raised my bankroll since the start of the challenge and can afford to play 10€ rounds (if I hadn't had to make a few cash outs I would probably have already played most of the 20€ rounds), and playing such rounds with maximum concentration I think my skills are sufficient to maintain a 6-7€/game (as an example, I have a long time student of mine in the Winamax room who is making 14.5€ a game on an 8€ avg stake with 8€ avg stakes, I have put a chart of him above).