What does WPT Cambodia look like ?


Hello! So, as the name suggests, the WPT (world poker tour) poker series has started in Cambodia. I haven't played in any of the tournaments yet, but I'm considering it, but after seeing everything and hearing the feedback, I'm slowly disappearing (there are a few Lithuanians who have come to play in the series and told me about their impressions from the first tournament, and I've also gone to see how it looks like). First of all, at least at the beginning of the series there were very few participants, the warm-up tournament had 40 people if I'm not mistaken (there were supposed to be 2 flights for the tournament, but there was not one because there were just not enough people), and the satellite for the main event didn't even "start" because there were not enough people who wanted to play (and that's relevant for me, because I was thinking of trying to make it to the main event) . And I don't think it's because there's no one to play (there are plenty of poker-loving "old men" who are willing to waste money in this city), but simply because of the lack of advertising, because the only advertising for the tournament in the city is outside the hotel, somewhere in a parking lot, half hidden behind bushes, where you can't even see it without looking for it, and I heard a more amusing story about the tournament director (this story is being retold, I didn't see it myself, so it may not have been the same). So one of the players wanted to exchange euros for dollars and he agreed with the tournament director that he would exchange them for dollars and play the tournament with that money, and that's how it worked out, and the tournament director came up to the player having lunch and said (and if you read this phrase, imagine a strong Russian accent, because the tournament director looks like a typical Russian maroz and is of Russian origin) " go play now or I'm not going to change any money for you". These are the impressions and feedback from the series, and I've attached a photo of what the tournament "arena" looks like But as the series gets into full swing, maybe it will surprise in a good way, maybe not.

And now for online poker. At the moment, and probably until the end of the challenge, I'll be playing tournaments up to 6e (including rebuy rounds and sats), as I have a bit of a mini-prop bet with a friend (not about you, Algirdas here). Last month didn't live up to my expectations in terms of results and quality of play, as I was quite overworked and just played a lot (you have to remember that I only support 6-7 tables) in robot mode, but I managed to make a few euros anyway. Of course I would like to complain about the runn especially in two tables, three tables but all poker players complain about it and no one in their life says "Obaaaaaa how I'm running" so let's write off the results to poor play, and let's put some blame on the runn 😀 and probably the most painful thing since the last post 3 bubbled satay, where the ticket is 250 euros 🙁 By the way, from 15th of January ~ I will take about 3 weeks of vacation, because I'm going to rent a car and travel around the country, but I probably won't put any entries on the blog, but you will be able to find one more video or photo on PokerioMokykla.I'll post a few more videos on my Facebook profile, because I'm going to put the photos/videos directly there. And as always, the sad part at the end, the graph.

P.s "random" fact.I found out one interesting thing, at least for me. I met someone who is building a house here and the standard rate for local workers is 5 dollars for 10 hours of work.