"Lapin" how to take advantage of Betsafe's First Deposit Promotion

Hello everyone, my nickname is "Lapin", created especially for this series of trainings. I have been thinking for a long time whether it is worth sharing this information with you, as I think that the betting companies will not like it.

To start slowly drilling into betting sites, we will need to have some initial capital. I think I will try to start with €200, which I will distribute among several betting or poker rooms.

We'll start with betsafe.com first first deposit bonus. This is available if you do not already have an account with the company. Sign up at.

You will need to confirm your identity when you register. Bring cash with bonus code "WINSAFE' and you will receive 100% more than the amount you deposited before €100. I suggest you don't overdo it and only put in €40 and you will start with 80€. The €40 will need to be played 6 times (240€), and that's where the fun begins. To play, we'll need more than just Betsafe.com but also all or one of the rooms Pinnacle.com, BetFair.com via 888poker.com. Don't forget that promotions rarely expire, especially in the Betsafe room, so all these rooms will help you take advantage of those promotions.

Add to Betsafe 40€ with code "WINSAFE' we get another €40 and we have 80€. (240€ we have 30 days to play)

Betsafe 80€

We also check in at one of the highest odds rooms, Pinnacle, and deposit 50$.

Pinnacle 58$ = 50€

If you haven't already, you can sign up for the 888poker room, which also has sports betting.

888poker 40€

The Betfair betting room is also very good. There are great promotions and high odds to be found. There is also a deposit bonus of up to €20 which you will need to play 10 times. Since I have an account, I won't use it anymore.

Betfair 40€

In total, we took €170 into the rooms, and we already have €210 in the rooms and €30 to spare.

I have two online accounts, neteller.com in euros and skrill.com in dollars, to withdraw or store my money, so I avoid conversion fees and don't lose money.

Once we have everything, we try to pay €240 in the Betsafe room. To do this, we will need the help of www.bmbets.com, where we will look for surebets (bets where you bet on two different outcomes at two different bookmakers and still go into the black). By selecting the Surebets tab, we filter out the "tonybet" and "Pinnacle" rooms. We select the most popular sports. We don't choose hockey because the results are treated differently in different companies. "Outcome 2 and everything else as in the figure.

From the proposals we can see that two events are suitable for us, as Betsafe a coefficient higher than 1.85. The one downside of these two bets is that they will not happen soon, and we need the money in case there is a rematch that happens sooner.