Gytis "peledazmogis" Lažauninkas gathers a new closed student group


Hello everyone, have a great weekend! I organised the first group training half a year ago and I would like to offer you the same again. Twice, in a month's time, I had two groups of twenty people, but even without the group training, I have been working on the same principle every day for two years now with my stake/coach team, so I know very well how to work with a group and in which direction.

How will the training take place?

With the help of the Teamviewer application, we will be watching a different "group" every dayoko" tournament history, HEM2 selected situations, early stage/mid/late gameplay or any situation where leaks are felt (3bet pots, squares, x/raise pots, etc.)
I want and know that the best way to learn is by watching long term spots, but it all depends on the level of the group, if there are some who need basics, there will be basics, but for the weakest I will give videos from previous groups to catch up quicker.

How long will the training last?

From the day I get the group together, at least 20 hours of lessons when we all agree on the most convenient days, one lesson will take about 1-1.5 hours. Videos of all lessons will be available to all group members.

What will be the level of the group?

I've had the group twice now and it's hard to tell the level in advance, there are people joining who have poker as their main livelihood, some part time workers/guides, and complete newbies, but as the month goes on, you can feel the level changing and everyone is adapting to the trend of training.

Price per month 400$.

So far, 5 people are joining 100% from the previous groups, and another 3-4 are on the waiting list, so we have +- 10 vacancies.

Both the first and the second time I chose a group, there were quite a few people who just wanted to:
1) be in a group, but don't show your tournaments, just participate in the live lessons and ask questions
2) just get a video of the lesson
Both options are easily available if you want them.

It will be a very good month, the value of working in a group is very high, and winter is the time to devote more time to training, because there is a lot of free time. I look forward to any questions and to joining!

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