GTO Solvers - Supercalculators for online poker players

GTO or Game theory optimal is an English term. Translated into Lithuanian, it means "Optimal Game Theory". This is a defensive poker strategy that aims to prevent a player from gaining or minimising an advantage over other players by his actions.
GTO Solvers

GTO Solvers work by using a variety of mathematical functions and performing a number of analytical operations during each move. To put it in human terms, these programs can be called supercalculators. They are designed not only by talented programmers, but also by the world's best mathematical minds. Game theory and its optimisation, and the calculations used at the poker table, are created by the brightest minds on the planet. Only when we have real theory can we translate it into software and use it to make predictions, calculations and find the best strategy.

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How does GTO Solvers work?

There are a number of GTO poker solver-type applications that you can use. All of them run in the background and collect data continuously. Using this data, players can always choose the most profitable strategy for the game - maximising the likelihood of successful moves and greatly reducing the frequency of making mistakes.

However, there is no single and maximally accurate solution for all game situations. As we have already mentioned, there is no perfect strategy in No Limits poker, only those that are so close to the optimal choice that you will win in the long run against any opponent. This software knows more than any other player because it calculates all probabilities and sees the percentage odds. trainer Roundmidnight works with Simple GTO trainer

But there are downsides. First of all, the GTO doesn't take into account how your opponents are playing, so it won't always be the most profitable decision. It will be easier to take advantage of the weaknesses of some players than others. And as experienced pros and online poker players say, it's most financially advantageous to play in a way that makes the most of their mistakes or ill-advised decisions by choosing the right strategy. So, the GTO solver is an extremely useful tool, but on its own it certainly won't help you win every possible hand.

What people don't know about the GTO poker solver programmes?

GTO, Pio, GTA and other Poker Solvers-type brands are familiar to many. However, if you understand English, the word "solvers" implies that a program solves something, so it would seem to follow that GTO solvers solve bad luck and help you win, right? Not quite. There are a lot of things that people mix up and/or confuse when it comes to these poker programs.

  1. You don't need to know maths well to use a GTO-type programme. Because they are designed and compiled by some of the world's best mathematicians, many people have a preconceived notion that they will only be understood and properly used by those with a very high level of expertise in the field. This is not true, because most mathematical operations are quite simple, just that the program does a lot of them. If you did the calculations very often, you would quickly get the experience you need to do the calculations yourself. This is pot odds, win % and other options.
  2.  It may come as a surprise to many that using the GTO solver does not always help you win the biggest money. However, this is because winning is not guaranteed 100%. In fact, there really is no better strategy when you sit down at a new table and play against opponents you have no data on. With the GTO solver, you'll be able to spot the gaps in their game more quickly and take advantage of the mistakes they make. It also prevents you from losing because of your own mistakes.

GTA Poker Solver - which is the best?

Since we've already established that GTO Solvers will help you play the most successful poker, it's probably worth taking a look at the most popular apps in this category to see which ones offer exactly what you need at the gaming table. 

GTO poker solver apps

Simple GTO Trainer

It's not just one app, but a whole group of apps, used by both casual poker players and semi- and fully professional players. Trainer is the program in the Simple GTO package that fits best into this category. For maximum benefit, it is worth buying the whole package, but with only Trainer you can achieve pretty good results. The most important thing the programme will do is to help you get into the right habits late game scenarios and complex situations. 

Simple GTO Trainer

Simple GTO Trainer


Probably the most popular or one of the most popular GTO-type programmes on the internet. It uses the most advanced and accurate algorithms and incorporates the legendary Nash Equilibrium to maximise the player's options at the table. In the long run, you will inevitably become a more successful player using this program, as GTO+ is extremely fast in its calculations and virtually eliminates the need to use any other program. 


It's not just a GTO app, it's also an AI-powered, powerful tool at the poker table. Like other GTO solvers, it analyses your game. However, it does not show you your opponents' weaknesses and how to exploit them. It's not only available for Windows or Mac computers, but also for Android and iOS mobile devices. You can try the free trial version and learn quickly from your games, gaining knowledge on how not to make mistakes.

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Probably one of the best known solver programmes. On the website, you can find a free version, a basic version, a professional version (pro), a full version (edge) and a calculator-only version (Calc), all available for download and use. For beginners, PioSOLVER may raise more questions than it answers. It is a quite distinctive and truly unique group of applications that takes some time and desire to learn to use. However, the calculations are extremely fast, the number of functions is impressive and the results will speak for themselves. If you are serious about improving your results, buying PioSOLVER is the smartest decision.


Monkey solverAlthough not the cheapest, MonkerSolver is one of the newest names on the market. It is probably the first app that started offering players multiway solving analysis (when more than 3 players are playing after the flop). Available now at multiway solving is offered by almost every solver, but it remains a popular, important and valued programme. It is true that MonkerSolver requires a powerful computer.


Jesolver works as an add-on to PioSOLVER, but it is a solid complement to the latter. It adds significantly to the list of data displayed by PioSOLVER and is therefore worth buying if you are really active in online poker and use the aforementioned software. 

Pokeriomarket tips for using GTO solvers

If you are an active player and regularly play poker online, it's a good idea to purchase one of the apps or try a free trial. With access to such powerful calculators, you'll see results very quickly. The Poker School would like to advise you to try out as many apps as you can for free, and to read reviews of poker apps online, especially on YouTube or reputable blogs, and to check out review type of videos. You can also find reviews on our website (link), but it's worth trying things out for yourself so you know exactly which tools will bring you the most benefit.

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To sum up, it can and should be said that GTO Solvers are very powerful calculators. They allow all poker players to increase their chances of winning very quickly and to choose the optimal strategy to achieve victory. These calculators determine the optimal course of action and help you make a decision that will increase your chances of winning and reduce your chances of failure. There are a number of programmes available. Try them all and choose the best one!