First month's profit €1841!

timetable for the monthly report

So the month went better than expected, if I'm not mistaken, I managed to reach about 15 final tables, win 2 satellites of 100 euros each, the biggest hits were 2+r 1st place - 370 euros, 3+r 5th place - 329 euros, 5 PSKO 1st place - 295 euros and besides that I managed to go on a trip which is a plus for this month as well, and as for the poker results, you have to take into account that this month was only based on 3 weeks of poker and the results were as follows. And for next month I don't have any big goals because the weather is getting warmer and it will probably be hard to sit in front of the computer, so I have only 2 goals: to play at least 400 tournaments and to make one training video and put it on this blog.