First week on the floor in Asia


So I finally started grinding, last week I managed to play quite a few tournaments, there were some good deep ones , la fievre 21st (5.5k on top), monster stack 5e 6th got 400e, tea time 20th~ (1.3k on top ~ ) , but unfortunately I didn't manage to win any of the tournaments. But after such a break I really felt very fresh at the tables, I was thinking very well, there were no obvious signs of a bridge.By the way, as I mentioned before that I had gone to play the live rounds, so yesterday I decided to play a fast busting tournament to play the cash for 1usd / 1usd, so when I saw the fishermen coming, as an example, I saw the EP open MP flat board QT5 , EP cbet, MP call , turn 5 EP shove 2.5x overpot ~ , MP call shows KQ, EP shows A9 (no flush draw) 😀 . So after seeing how they play I decided that on the days of the tournaments ( Monday,Wednesday,Friday) I will probably go live and the rest of the days I'll spend on online poker. By the way, the season starts in November, so the field should be even easier live 😉 That's it for now, Bye.