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The best online casino companies in 2021

To make it easier for you, we've selected 3 online casino companies that we can safely say are among the best online casinos. Each casino is very unique, but at the same time meets the basic criteria of a good casino. That is to say, all of the casinos listed are trustworthy and have been online for many years, hold official gambling licences (not necessarily Lithuanian). All casinos have a wide range of games, especially slot machines. All of the above sites run smoothly and quickly, and their support services are willing to help with any problems.

Growth of online casinos (Online casinos) worldwide

Online casinos have brought many conveniences to the world of players. Whereas in the past it was necessary to find a suitable casino house, arrive at the venue and go through a lengthy registration and verification process, now it is possible to engage in gambling and gaming from the comfort of your home. In Lithuania, the situation is slightly more complicated due to the blocking of online gambling, but online casinos in Lithuania (casino online LT) are still easily accessible. Some gambling houses have the right licences to avoid being blocked, and it is easy to access online casinos that are blocked.

Changing DNS to bypass page blocks in Lithuania

Bypassing gambling blocks can seem difficult and confusing at first, but by following the instructions in this video and in the text guide it will be easy to do what you need to do. In any case, we recommend that you remember the steps you have taken in case you need to do it on another computer or just to remove the changes. To start playing online, you can choose companies with gambling licences in Lithuania or make a few changes to your computer to get around the gambling block. To bypass the online casino blocks, all you need to do is change the DNS servers you have set. For a guide on how to make a DNS change and bypass the gambling block, watch this video:

Benefits of online casinos - game offerings and bonuses

Online casinos have many advantages that traditional casinos do not. One of the biggest advantages is the range of games on offer. Traditional casino houses must dedicate time, space and staff to the development and refurbishment of games. In contrast, online casinos can constantly and cheaply and quickly update their entire inventory, including slot machines, roulette and other well-known games. Online players will be constantly offered the latest and most modern slot machines and board gamesso if you get fed up with one, you can quickly find a substitute for a good time.

Benefits of Online Casinos - Casino Bonuses

Another advantage of online casinos is the excellent offer of bonuses and bonuses to the player. Almost all online casinos compete with each other to attract more players, and they do this by offering different bonus schemes Often, players can get extra money for depositing, free scams gaming machines or access to cashback systems. Players can use these systems to extend their game casinos online rooms. Many rooms also have rotating monthly and weekly offers, so a clever player can continually take advantage of these systems to extend their game. It is worthwhile for every player to check the terms and conditions of the casino bonuses system, which can be found in the 'Terms & Conditions' section. Often, online casino offers come with a lot of stipulations, such as requirements to play a certain amount of money before being able to withdraw the extra money and so on.

Online casinos - is it convenient and understandable for newcomers?

Play casino games online is particularly attractive to newcomers for a number of reasons. First of all, as mentioned above, there is a huge supply of games. There is something for everyone, whether it be a different roulette formats, slot machines or card games. Online casinos usually have full explanations of the rules, helpful support (especially if the game is played with a croupier) and, sometimes, even written probabilities.

In Lithuania, as in other countries, there are casino guides available, which are also a great tool for newcomers. Our Poker School team works systematically to compile and present information in Lithuanian on which rooms are reliable, what bonuses are prevalent on the market, how to choose a company, where to play a particular casino game and so on. It is true that each country tries to provide its audience with systematically structured information, as for example in Norway the website spenning.com is an exclusive Norwegian online gambling guide that provides readers with already "chewed-up" information on current company bonuses, online casinos, poker sites, bingo sites, slot machine dealers and other information of particular interest to new players.

Another useful aspect of playing at online casinos for a newcomer is the lack of pressure. Often, when playing live, other players can rush a newcomer's decisions without slowing the game down. Online, each player has enough time to fully immerse themselves in the game, and in croupier games there are empty tables at which to make decisions there is always enough time.

casinos online

Finally, many online casinos offer free play games through demos. This is most often the case for slot machine games, but there are also often "play money" roulette or other board games versions where you can just test yourself. Of course, there is no point in "playing" with demos or fake money, as all winnings are of course removed. Sometimes online casinos allow you to win small amounts of money if you play with free spins, but in such cases the maximum winnings are severely limited. Any winnings above the set maximum amount will be removed.

Online casino companies - how to choose?

Casino online is fast becoming a hugely popular leisure activity, often surpassing traditional casinos in terms of attendance. Of course, one of the downsides of online casinos is the huge supply of rooms, the quality of which will often be uncertain. Online casino houses are often licensed in the countries where it is easiest to do so, which can be a source of mistrust for anyone.


Knowing how to choose a good online casino is a very important skill for every player always looking for a new place to play. Sometimes unknown online casinos may offer the best deals to attract new players, but the question often arises - is it worth the risk for a better bonus system or a lower house edge? To ease the burden of such decisions, we recommend that newer online casino players choose an online casino not on their own, but according to online lists, so we've selected 3 of the best online casino companies in Lithuania for you. All 3 of the online casino companies we have listed above are officially registered in Lithuania, so you can rest assured about your money. The main criteria we used to select the companies were transparency, reliability, fast support in case of any problems and exclusive offers for Lithuanian players.

Online casino companies are mobile-friendly, so you can play whenever you want - on the bus, at home or in a boring lecture. Read more - mobile phone casino Article. Also, most casino companies offer different ways to deposit money - online banking, credit card, Skrill, PayPal systems.

However, be a responsible player and only gamble with money you stand to lose. The casino only accepts players aged 21 and over. Some companies also offer the possibility to write an application and prevent yourself from gambling. We suggest that you only play casino games in your spare time and see it as a pastime, a way to relax after a hard day's work. Know your limits and then it will be a lot of fun when, say, poker gets boring or you just want to take a break. Our team has also prepared ranking the best poker rooms, and ranking of the best online betting companies.

Casino online LT - is it worth playing with Lithuanian companies?

Probably all online casino visitors think about where the best place to play is. Usually, the goodness of a casino is determined by the range of games on offer, good gaming equipment and user-friendly software, and all kinds of bonuses or casino bonuses for playing. Knowing that all these aspects are crucial for the quality of the room, the natural question is - can Lithuanian online casinos match foreign rooms?

Casino online LT

The simplest answer is "mostly yes". Of course, smaller Lithuanian casinos will often lag behind with the latest games and long-term bonuses, but in many other respects they can easily match (or even surpass) some of the world's casino giants. In addition, smaller casinos often take the opportunity to attract players with good initial deposit or other starting bonuses. Even if a player does not have a special love for Lithuania or its businesses, it is always worth checking the offers on Lithuanian casino sites. It may only pay to play there for a short time, but there will be an opportunity to squeeze out good value with a new account.

Online casinos and RTP

One of the most important aspects of playing casino games is RTP - Return To Player. This term describes the amount of "-EVs" in play. Of course, it is not formulated as -EV, but in a different way, as Return To Player sounds much more appealing. In no casino game will the RTP reach 100%.

Online casinos and RTP

RTP is given as a percentage. These percentages are calculated by taking one million plays (which describes the course of any game in which a bet is placed and money is won or lost). After one million theoretical plays, the amount left for the player is calculated. For example, the RTP is 92%, which means that, on average, after one million bets of €1, a player will be left with 92 euro cents.

RTP is one of the most important elements of any game if you want to be able to play as much as possible. When the RTP of a game is extremely high (e.g. 96%+), then the variance of that game is much lower. The lower the variance the slower the money burns. In addition, a very high RTP usually means that the game has more wins than other games, which will make it easier to experience a spurt of short-term wins.

The most common use of RTP is for slot games, although it can be applied to all casinos. It is true that RTP will not be available for most games, but it will always be written for all slot games. Return to Player can be an important factor in the selection of a slot machine, as it provides an objective measure of "success". The lower the Return to Player, the more luck will be required to play that game for a long period of time. Of course, many slot machines and casino patrons choose to play what is fun and enjoyable to play, without paying attention to any other aspect. However, for the smart casino player, Return to Player should always be on the list of game evaluation criteria.

Finally, Return to Player may even be a key selection criterion. Even if a slot game is chosen based on aesthetic taste, it is always possible to find almost identical games in other online casino rooms, but discover a much better Return to Player.

Online casino - how do random calculations work?

Online casino all games are offered using computer equipment. The exception to this rule is games streamed from the casino. If all games (even online roulette) rely on the company's own computers, how is fairness guaranteed?

All online casinos use special algorithms, usually offered by other companies. These algorithms are designed to generate random numbers using complex mathematical calculations. Of course, the perfect random number generator has not yet been developed, as computers are logical machines in which nothing is random. However, these companies, which provide a service to casino companies, are able to come infinitely close. Random number generators are usually so advanced that no player will be able to experience their "non-randomness".

Online casino

Although random number generators are often supplied by other companies, this alone cannot guarantee fairness and security for players. To ensure the integrity of legitimate casinos with regard to players, independent studies are carried out every year (or more) to analyse the performance of the random number generator, how it is used in the online casino, and what the specific results are. The methodologies for verification vary, of course, and these companies that carry out independent investigations do not make their processes very widely known.

Online casinos - how to play most effectively?

Nowadays, almost everyone is familiar with the saying "the house always wins", which means that it is impossible to gamble in a casino. In the long run, casinos always win, except in the case of fraud, so the best strategy for any game and any player is to make the most of every euro or dollar.

Effective use can be created in many ways. For example, one option is to play games with the highest RTP. This strategy will always be the most efficient, as games with a very low RTP will usually be neither very fun nor very efficient. In such games, wins will be rare and it will often be necessary to watch the money simply "burn".

Another effective use of money in online casinos is the constant search for the best bonuses and bonuses. Of course, this means that you'll need to change online casino rooms frequently, as the biggest and best bonuses tend to be for new accounts. This usually includes free spins, deposit bonuses and so on.

Online casinos - is it possible to win online?

The short and simple answer is "no". Online casinos are no different from traditional casinos in this respect. They are still businesses whose main objective is to make money through chance. However, online casinos also make the game easier for gamblers, as there are no physical restrictions. Players no longer have to travel across a city (or even towns) in search of one good place to play. Everything is available online.

Online casino

In theory, this saves a lot of money that would have been spent in a live casino. It also makes it much easier to move your capital through the company's search for the most fun games or the best offers. Unfortunately, all gambling providers have mathematical calculations for bonuses and bonuses. If it is not possible or too difficult to calculate the value to the customer, these bonuses usually significantly limit the maximum winnings. This is the principle behind, for example, free spins. Therefore, even if all bonuses, bonuses and all other add-ons are perfectly exhausted during their entire lifetime, in the most perfect case it will be possible to "stay at zero".

Casino online - table games or slot games?

One of the disadvantages of online casinos is the relatively low level of sociality. When playing live games, especially table games such as blackjack, there are often conversations between players or players and the croupier. This will be much less likely to be seen online, which deprives these games of one of their greatest advantages.

Casino online


From the other side of the coin, slot machines only have the advantage of being designed for, in most cases, one person. In conventional casinos, the range of games on offer is usually severely limited, as most of the slot machines are clumsy. Their maintenance and upkeep also cost extra. For these reasons, playing slot machines online is a great advantage, as online casinos are not limited by the usual spatial parameters. A single online room can accommodate more games than several physical casinos combined.

The world's most popular casino cities. What can be found there?

One of the more unforgettable gambling experiences is visiting a casino house. It has long been a part of the culture of different countries. Cities where gambling houses attract the majority of tourists and form part of the business card are also spread across continents. What makes gambling houses popular and what can the world's most famous casinos offer you?

Monte Carlo in Monaco

Monte Carlo

In the centre of the Principality of Monaco is the very recognisable Monte-Carlo Casino House. The English villa-style gambling "palace" was opened on 14 December 1856, but written records show that the casino has been moved several times. The current complex is named after Prince Charles. The building also houses the Grand Theatre of Monte-Carlo, an opera and ballet theatre. The house offers a wide range of games, from simple slot machines, Black Jack or Roulette, to Baccarat or the lesser known Trente et Quarane.

Monaco is a dwarf country, so it won't take long to find accommodation. The city is also a frequent venue for car races, so there's plenty to keep your eyes peeled. You'll also see more than one or two luxury sports cars in the parking lots of the Monte-Carlo complex, so come prepared - you'll have to spend a lot of money on this home, but the experience you'll get will be worth it. Please note that Monte Carlo casinos have had a fairly strict dress code since ancient times. Don't even try to get in with flip-flops and shorts - don't embarrass yourself.

Las Vegas

live casino las vegas

The city was established in southern Nevada as early as 1905, but the casino and gambling culture began to grow and flourish after World War II. The largest "exploited" area for gambling and casinos is the lower part of Las Vegas, otherwise known as Downtown, and the elongated part of the city known as the Strip. While you're in Las Vegas, be sure to visit such famous casino houses as "Golden Nugget", whose glowing entrance makes it impossible to miss, and inside you'll find one of the widest selections of games in the entire state, or the Stratosphere Tower, which, as the name suggests, is a tall observation tower. For those betting on sporting events, Caesars Palace is a must, and for poker lovers and professionals, the "Bellagio".

Las Vegas also has its own family-friendly casino, the Circus Circus gambling house, which could even be called a gambling hotel. As the name suggests, this place even has an indoor water park that rivals any in the state. The best recognised casino with its own restaurant: "The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. As you can see, there is something for everyone in this US city. Sometimes it can be tricky to find the right casino for you, and the various advertisements around every corner can get annoying over time - so be prepared for it.


casino online macaoGambling has been legal in this city since the 1850s. It was then a Portuguese colony. With the advent of casinos, Macau became known as the "Monte Carlo of the East". Casino tourism accounts for the largest part of Macau's economy, around fifty percent. Arrivals are mostly from China or Hong Kong, although there is also a shortage of Europeans looking for something more exotic. Western games were only introduced in the early twentieth century, so until then it was mainly Chinese games such as Keno or Fan-Tan.As Macau is a special administrative region like Hong Kong, it is the only place in China where gambling is legal. The most popular betting and gambling categories in Macau are:

  • casino games;
  • dog racing;
  • sports betting;
  • lotteries.

Macau also likes to present itself as a bigger Vegas. "The Venetian Casino Resort is the largest gambling house in the world. Inside you'll find:

  • a hotel with as many as 3,000 beds,
  • a spectacular shopping mall,
  • and even a fake Venice - justifying the casino's name.

Casinos in Lithuania

Many tourists from Asia fly here rather than to Italy, as this casino house also has a canal system with all the gondolas, and the distance is much less. Of course, this does not match the real aura of Venice, but it is still memorable and recommended even to Italians.

For those looking for a slightly higher level of play, there's City of Dreams. All of Asia's biggest gamblers gather to play here. Macau also has Las Vegas-style casino houses, one of which is the Sands. Here you'll find more down-to-earth service and sums, as well as free drinks or a performance by a famous band and other entertainment. For a true Macau experience, the Grand Lisboa Macau. Before the Las Vegas investors arrived, this was the most popular home. The service is proof of that: a five-star hotel and restaurant, and the focus here is more on the casino and gambling than on the glitter and shows. Macau is a true Monte Carlo of the East, and a visit to it should certainly leave lasting impressions and memories.

These three casino cities attract many people from all corners of the world. If you're a gambler who enjoys travelling, you must visit at least these three in your lifetime. We guarantee that you will experience different emotions, because although these cities share a common goal - casino tourists - they are very different and interesting in their own way.