Bridge, bridge and more bridge


Hello, so the title of this post suggests that it hasn't been the best week for poker. So to summarise the whole of last month (I won't put up all the different graphs as it will just take up too much space), in tournaments up to €9 (including satellites and rebuys) we managed to make €707 in 257 tournaments, in tournaments €9-12 we made €256 in 111 tournaments, and in tournaments €12+ we made €521 buy in in 28 tournaments, so that's a grand total of -€70 in the month. However, I have to say that the run in the more expensive tournaments was really tragic (although I don't know a single poker player who would say that they run well), and since I played very few of them, it is very noticeable in the results (by the way, I have started to play the 30e tournaments and I have been able to play in some 100e tournaments), because the variation of MTTs in short-term is enormous, but of course it was not without my own mistakes, which I want to emphasize this time, no matter how hard it is to admit that I must have burned some 300-500 euros in the last week of bridging. And I'm not talking about the "monkey tilt" where you just start doing belek, ATC all-ins, but just the result of the game and the feeling I had at the time (I had a couple of sessions where I felt really tired at the end, one day I even managed to win the €10 tournament double table where the first place prize was €2.2k. I was just playing like a robot at the time and after the river traight I just instinctively hit call to opo donk shove when the back door flush closed ) influences decisions at the table, in other words, when mistakes are made not out of ignorance, but out of cowardice, carelessness and not thinking. However, today I took a day off and thought that I was burning some 500 euros a month just because of the fatigue, the "psychological instability" and the "robot mode" of the game, and I thought that maybe it was time to start tackling these problems somehow. So I thought that I should make some kind of a schedule and a daily routine (although it is not easy in MTT) to manage my sleeping patterns, the next thing I think is necessary to be able to stay alert during long sessions is to be active in sports, and I don't think I have a problem with nutrition, because we eat quite healthy and light food here 😉 . Since the beginning of the month is the best time to promise yourself all sorts of things (apart from the beginning of the year), from tomorrow I will try to wake up on our time at around 11 o'clock (which is 6 o'clock in Lithuania), buy some food, swim in the pool for at least 15 minutes (maybe I can even force myself to go for a jog), review the obscure spots from the previous day before the session and/or watch some educational videos to get my brain and my mind going:30 to sit on the floor. Of course, many people I talked to explained that morning sessions are not very profitable, etc. (because 13:30 LT time is 10:30), but I think everyone should find the most convenient/reasonable time to play, so after looking at the tournament schedule winamax/ don't really see a problem with 6 tables (I'm not playing any more at the moment). By the way, I'm very keen on grinding at the moment (and it's been a long time since I've done it!!!), so I believe that one day after not playing, I'm already willing to sit down, so I believe that next month I might even manage to play 600-700 rounds, not counting the sata rounds, which is a lot of money. I hope that my ambitions don't end after the first 3 days, as they have so far 😉 By the way, I'll also start keeping track of how long I spend at the poker table and how much I make per hour, because the poker tracker is mushrooming because of the hourly earnings, and it sometimes duplicates the time of a session and so on. Also, I've had requests from people to write down their expenses while living here, so I'll try to give you a +- at the end of next month on how much everything costs, including rent, internet, food, visa and all that. And I don't have any more interesting stuff from here, because I've spent practically the whole week on poker, and today I took a day off to play a live tournament... 😉 If you have any questions, please feel free to send me a private message on Facebook (because I don't see all the comments, because I'm trying to use as little as possible on FB, and I don't go offline at all during the sessions), and I'll make a video for the next week's report, with the answers 🙂 Goodbye and may the run be with you 😀