Back to poker after a long holiday!


Hello! This is the first blog post after a long holiday. So I finally came back to Lithuania after almost half a year in Asia, it's quite hard to acclimatize, but I'm slowly getting there 😉 . The plan was to post some impressions from the last trip, but I managed to sink my phone with all the video/photo footage in it in the last few days of traveling, so I'll have to skip this one 😉 . As for poker, it's been a month since my last tournament, so I'm really missing poker, so I think I'll be able to "spin" a good volume, and finally have a monitor and be able to play more than 6 tables comfortably. There is some bad news about the grinding, if I am not mistaken, as of 13th February the platform will no longer be available for players from Lithuania, which was my highest volume and the most profitable poker platform for me, and for that reason I decided to start playing 888 poker to compensate for the lack of traffico, I used to avoid 888 poker because of the software, but I found a skin for it on the internet which is quite user friendly. So that's it for now, here's a graph from the last tournament I played 😉 The next post with the latest results will be in two weeks time, by !