PT4 import and hud problems

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    It wont import hands while playing very good. Im playign 4 zoom tablsg at a time, and it only imports like 1/10 hands or something like that. Also i cant get the hud to work after trying everything i have found out there. I sometimes get it to work in a couple sit n goes, but the joy is short lasting…
    Also it wont move the HH out of the old folder after import, so i keep have to manual delete or get duplicates all day which sucks. Last whenever i click stop getting hands, the program freeze and i have to end process and restart it..
    Does anyone have any ideas, or source to some very good guide?

    Please help.

    I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

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    kas kiek laiko reikia pirkti pt4? ir kiek tai kainuoja? ir ar nusiperki viena kart ir turi visam laikui? prasau atsakykit nes jau nesulaukiu atsakymo labai ilgai 🙁

Rodomi 2 įrašai - nuo 1 iki 2 (viso: 2)

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